emSynth electro-music synthesizer


Second Test Circuit Works

9-14-12 It's been a while since my last update, I got lost in medical stays at the hospital and lots of time spent in virtual worlds. But I'm back in action now and i have completed a few more modules. I am missing parts for some modules due to misordered footprints (packages) or just plain missed a part in the orders.

I did, however manage to buld the tri-oscillator, dual-ringmod + stereo out circuit shown in the photo. It works great and gets some of that cool ringmod sound at some oscillator settings. I have also realized that I can continue soldering, just not complete the boards until I order more chips. Sometimes I'm slow like that, lol, took me a while to reach that realization. I'll be ordering parts over the weekend to complete more boards.

First Test Circuit Works

I assembled two boards and wired them up on a breadboard and lo and behold they worked! The boards are an Oscillator and a Stereo Out. I found that my hands are a bit more shaky than they used to be but still with some patience steady enough for the job. Proof that the concept works! Yay!

Mouser Order Fast!

Got the Mouser Order at COB Tuesday - super fast! Thanks for your rapid service, Mouser! I'll be ordering from you in the future, the whole process was painless and efficient with no mistakes that I know of (yet).

I put the parts in organizer drawers, all neatly static bagged and ready for action, then I played with the 12mm Alpha Pots. Tell you what - the pot may be 12mm but the dial that comes with them is about an inch in diameter! This is OK for most of the boards but the step sequencer board is out the window now - ah well. That's why we make prototypes, it's an interative learning process. Can't wait to get the tools order from Jameco so I can solder up this stuff!

Step Sequencer Board

Here's a photo of me with the step sequencer board held in it's position. At the moment I am trying to figure out how the circuit will work if I mount the pots on the back. Note that the board mounts perpendicularly to most boards due to it's large, panel-like nature.

The Scale of Things and Parts Ordered

Here's a photo of me holding a half-breadboard into which is inserted an unpopulated oscillator board with the pin header soldered in place. Insertion and removal are firm yet not too tough to do - just right i'd say. Play is low while inserted so that even tall boards will not touch each other. Imagine just how many of these things you can fit on a breadboard - and on both sides too! Now that's space savings.

Also last night and this morning I spent US$500 on parts and supplies to make the most of the first batch of boards. That is a major expense for me but it will keep me busy for a while, plus the tools are mine to keep, lol.

Circuit Boards Received

Finally after a busy wait full of hospital stays and moving and a frenzy of visitors and activities, last week I was happy to receive the circuit boards. BatchPCB must have salt and peppered in some extras or made an extra panel because almost all of the boards are *doubled* in quantity! Thanks BatchPCB, you've got a new customer who's hooked on your services!

Next I'll be ordering the tools and supplies to populate and test the boards. Good progress here, I'm a happy camper.