electro-music 2008 Festival

How to Participate

The deadline has passed for applications to participate in electro-music 2008. However we do have a waiting list, and you can apply to be placed on the waiting list by following the instructions below. Every year there are a few cancellations, so it is still possible to be accepted for a performance spot or seminar. Also, anyone may participate by joining the jam sessions or bringing something to demonstrate. You don't need to apply in advance for this.

The electro-music festival provides a unique opportunity for musicians and electronic artists to present or perform their material for an enthusiastic and supportive audience. Due to the limited number of time slots available, we have a process for selecting artists and assigning them to time slots in the schedule. If you would like to participate by giving a musical or visual performance, presentation, seminar, workshop, demonstration, or installation, follow the instructions below. We regret that it is necessary for all participants to purchase tickets (available here), as that is the only way we can finance the event. We strongly recommend that you plan to attend for all three days to support your fellow artists and to contribute to the sense of community, this makes the event more enjoyable for everyone.

1. Send an email here notifying us of your desire to participate in electro-music 2008 (don't erase the subject - that's how we know that you have read this page.)
2. Let us know the artist name under which you will perform. If you are part of a group, include the number and names of the other members who will be attending.
3. If you wish to perform a musical set, please send us an example of your music, or a link to a sample that we can download or listen to. (If you played at a previous electro-music festival, you can skip this step, unless you have new material that you would like us to hear.)
4. If you want to give a presentation, demo etc. give us a short description of your topic.
5. Let us know if you have any special requirements for equipment, staging, or setup time. (There will be a PA system and microphone in each room, and projectors in at least two rooms.)
6. We cannot promise specific time slots, but if you have schedule restrictions we will try to accommodate them. Please realize that if your availability is too restricted, you may reduce your chance of being selected.
7. If you have physical materials for us to review (CDs, DVDs, press kit) send to the following address:

Attention: H. Moscovitz
944 Flexer Ave.
Allentown, PA 18103

8. Your email and any additional materials must be received by May 31.
9. Some time in June, we will notify everyone about their status (accepted, waiting list, or not accepted.)
10. After being notified, you must confirm that you will be attending and purchase your registration.