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minimamedia music news 0808I
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Joined: Mar 05, 2007
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Location: germany

PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:42 am    Post subject: minimamedia music news 0808I
Subject description: for sale
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some new entries to find at:


Thanks and all the best,


Interpreter Title Format/ Date Label

Algora, Esteban/Rombolá, Alessandra/Zach, Ingar De Las Piedras CD (2008) Another Timbre
"Six very varied pieces by a fine trio of Spanish-based musicians, beautifully recorded in the stone-built Eremita de la Anunciada in Urueña. A music that appears to be located halfway between chamber-improv and contemporary classical music, and which is like no other." (Another Timbre) CD // 6 tracks // 43:35 mins.

B°Tong/Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim Feine Junge Brechbohnen/The Good The Bad And The Ugly 3"MiniCDR (2007) Like An Everflowing Stream Split CDR
with abstract sonic collages and delirious drone sounds. 3"MiniCDR // 2 tracks // fold-out cover with inlets in plasticsleeve.

Bad Alchemy No. 59 BOOK (2008) Bad Alchemy
Hmmm Dämon - Bidner & Martinek, Meese & Feuerstein (Dämonologische und ludologische Überlegungen); Martin Bladhs Theater der Grausamkeit; Joyful Noise - Taktlos 2008 (von GZ); 25 Jahre 'Musique Action' (von Bernd Weber); Party Intellectuals - Ceramic Dog live; A Potent Brew - Sean Noonan's Brewed By Noon; If You Like Armaggedon - Evangelista (von M. Beck); Veins to the Sky - Alexander Tucker; The Spectres of lost Possibilities - Hauntologische Splitter; Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 2008 (von R. Gmöhling); Das Pop-Analphabet von Allroh bis Z'ev BOOK // DIN A 5 // 87 pages.

Baker/Josephson/Looney/Shibolet/Smith Untitled (1959) CDR (2007) Kadima Collective
Ariel Shiolet (soprano saxophone), Aurora Josephson (voice), Jen Baker (trombone), Scott R. Looney (piano), Damon Smith (double bass).

Bohman, Adam/Davies, Hugh/Patterson, Lee/Wastell, Mark For Hugh Davies CD (2008) Another Timbre
"A unique celebration of the work of Hugh Davies, one of the great pioneers of improvised music who died three years ago. Solo recordings of Hugh from three decades ago are played back to a trio of musicians whose work has been influenced by Hugh, and they improvise around his music to create a living homage to his memory. Beautiful, strange and challenging music." (Another Timbre) CD // 6 tracks // 62:37 mins.

Büttner, Gregory Walze 1-8 CD (2008) Firework Edition
The source material of the compositions are historical recordings made on wax cylinders (German: "Walze") from the archive of the Ethnological Museum in Berlin. CD // 8 tracks // 56:28 mins.

Capillary Action Fragments CD (2004) Natural Selection
"The debut Capillary Action and Pangaea release, "Fragments" is a literally genre-defying exploration equal parts metal, noise, bossa nova, spazzy synths, and free improv." (Natural Selection) CD // 10 tracks // 43:29 mins.

Capillary Action Cannibal Impulses CDR (2006) Natural Selection
"The second Capillary Action release encompasses themes of sexuality, confusion, and the struggle of man against machine, all set to tightly controlled, hyper-detailed, totally abrasive (yet utterly infectious) compositions." (Natural Selection) Mastered by Walter Weasel April 2006. CDR // 15 tracks // 19:15 mins. // cardboard cover in plastic sleeve.

Capillary Action So Embarrassing CD (2007) Natural Selection
A collection of deeply personal accounts set to 11 succinct, precise compositions, feat. strings, horns, percussion, and, for the first time, vocals! CD // 11 tracks // 31:27 mins. // cardboard cover in palstic sleeve + inlet.

Carlson, John R. Recollections 3"MINICDR (2008) Parvoart
Unedited melodic imrpovisation played and recorded by John R. Carlson on a bechstein c flügel with Oliver Sonntag on drums. 3"MINICDR // 5 tracks // 24,39 mins. // fold-out cover in plastic sleeve.

Chattopadhyay, Budhaditya Landscape In Metamorphoses CDR (2008) Gruenrekorder
B.C. is an audio practitioner based in India, moving within the area of sound recording/design/engineering and New Media. An archivist of recorded sound, he works with soundscapes and compositions based on manipulation of field recording, although his work with sound touches upon various media forms including ambient/experimental music, sound environments and atmospheres, mixed-media installations, audio essays and narratives, having grounded in the New Media aesthetics.CDR // 1 track // 26 :04 mins. // foldout cardboard sleeve. // limited to 50 copies.

Data 4.5.1. Supersonic River Blues CD (2008) D'Autres Cordes
Electronic/ electro-acoustic music by Franck Vigroux (turntables, synth, drum machines, computer, harmonica). Well defined sound structures are enriched with rhythmical pattern reminding to old school minimal techno, breakbeat or ambient dub. Always embedded in a perfect production these compositions are spanning around industrial atmospheres, electronica, structured noise and sound collages. CD // 13 tracks // 48:52 mins. // fold-out cardboard cover.

Davies, Hugh Performances 1969 - 1977 CDR (2008) Another Timbre
"To accompany the release of the 'for hugh davies' cd, an archive cd-r featuring all of Hugh Davies' recordings from 1969-1977 that were used in the production of the cd. Seventy-nine minutes of historic music, previously unissued and featuring five solos by Hugh plus a duet with Richard Orton for two 'shozygs' - one of the many simple but extraordinary instruments that Hugh invented. Unmissable." (Another Timbre) CDR // 6 tracks // 79:12 mins. // fold-out cardboard cover in plastic sleeve.

Davis, Matt/Milton, Matt/Saade, Bechir Dun CD (2008) Another Timbre
"Exquisite music by a trio described in The Wire as "three young musicians re-inventing improvised music". Matt Davis and Bechir Saade, who are quietly building reputations for themselves as two of the rising stars of the improv world, are joined by newcomer Matt Milton whose quiet, careful violin playing underpins these three beautiful pieces." (Another Timbre) CD // 3 tracks // 49:25 mins.

Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter/Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim Silent Night/Dark King 7" (2004) White Rabbit
"This single features tracks, such as DBPIT's Silent Night and FTBPD's dark king, which were particularly for this Christmas season, and will absolutely introduce new fire to this winter's candlelight. Silent Night, a particularly outstanding piece, has all the eerie atmosphere of a David Lynch Noel; while the music of "Der Bekannte" emerges as a brilliant lesson in the proper use of a trumpet! dark king is an experience in gazing through the eclectic eyepiece of an industrial kaleidoscope: a multi-layered sound-collage resounding with textured drones and penetrating rhythms, fused together in a unique (x)MASterpiece." (White Rabbit) 7" // 2 tracks // 45/33rpm

Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter/Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim Toads&Bugs 2X3"MiniCD (2005) White Rabbit
Another White Rabbit release with a marvellous packaging. a double fold in cover like a shrine - Created for the dancing bugs and toads appearing in flowercircles, printed on a noble carton with metallic effect with a structure awaking the colors to flare with infinitely beautiful shades. This suberb coverartwork is embedding the music with dignity. "FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM & DER BEKANNTE POST-INDUSTRIELLE TROMPETER" announce the launch of their newly produced joint-CD for the autumn of 2005. This extraordinary joint release from the two artists with the oddest names ever presenting you very great tracks in an amazing new sound of unusual creative music. With a cover-artwork as special as the music itself it emerges the tracks such as DBPITs: "The long night of the falling nuts", "Donna", "fff", "Gi?s?", "V", "Headache" and "paint me with sorrow" while FTBPD gives a 22 minutes interpretation of "Klabusterbeeren der Todestrinker"! A fantastic release on WRR that you shouldn`t miss. 3"MiniCD (DBPIT) // 7 tracks // 22:31 mins // 3"MiniCD (FTBPD) // 1 track // 22:27 mins

Elektronavn Rationale Mystique CDR (2007) Empty Sounds
Minimal and mystical tracks including field recordings, electronic manipulations and very interesting voice themes related to La Monte Young or Phillipe Corner's voice studies. All music composed and played by Magnus Olsen Majmon 2004. CDR // 5 tracks // 33:39 mins. // handmade cardboard cover in plastic sleeve.

Elektronavn Audelà l'inconnu (vertical)/For Theo Angelopoulos CDR (2007) Empty Sounds
Two drone like sections of high density are presented here. A classical soprano, a medieval hurdygurdy player and a impro-guitarist were asked to improvise in a long tunnel under some railwaytracks. Elektronavn recorded it, comuterrized it and composed a work wer each part is presented horisontally and later on this work the parts have been mixed to a vertical collage track. CDR // 2 tracks // 29:49 mins / comes with handmade art card and inlet.

Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim Vaginal Erbrechen CDR (2007) Reduktive Musiken
CDR // 6 tracks // 51:19 mins. // comes in a 7inch card box incl. inlet // limited to 100 copies!

Feu Follet Paradis Paysan CDR (2008) Gruenrekorder
CDR // 1 track // 39:11 mins. // foldout cardboard sleeve. // limited to 50 copies.

Helga Blohm Dynastie Hotel Graf LP (2008) Horse Records
New output translating the american songbook into 60ties garage punk,beat music and R&B (the original!). Again with many guests playing bass, organ, piano and fender roads. LP // 14 tracks // pressed on heavy vinyl.

Hi Red Center Architectural Failures CD (2004) Natural Selection
The debut release from Brooklyn, NY's Hi Red Center, explores a dizzying mix of dense polyrhythms, asymmetrical melodies, barbershop quartet harmonies, and bubbling synth sounds. Hi Red Center operate in the realm of the esoteric, but offer an underlying sweetness that contributes to a collection of graceful, sculpture-like songs." (Natural Selection) CD // 10 tracks // 29:58 mins.

Jones, J.C. Hosting Myself CDR (2006) Kadima Collective
J.C. Jones (electro acoustic bass, live electronics). CDR // 3 tracks // 51:53 mins. // jewelcase.

Jones, J.C./Rubin, Harold Muse & Music CDR (2005) Kadima Collective
Harold Rubin (clarinet, poems, cover drawing), Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass & live electronics) Recorded on May 2004 & July 2004 at Digi Hip Studios, Hod Hasharon, Israel. CDR // 10 tracks // 45:31 mins. / jewelcase.

Jones, Jean Claude ReComp CDR (2007) Kadima Collective
JC on acoustic and electro acoustic basses. CDR // 11 tracks // 42:52 mins. // stabile 4pages cardboard cover with inlet.

Jones, Jean Claude With Friends S.T: CD (2004) Kadima Collective
Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass and live electronics), Josef Sprinzak (voice), Harold Rubin (clarinet, text), Yuval Mesner (cello), Gan Lev (alto sax, baryton), Yael Tai (vocals), Albert Beger (flute), Hagai Freshtman (drums), Ariel Shibolet (soprano sax), Maya Dunietz (piano).CD // 17 tracks // 73:43 mins.

Jones, Jean Claude With Friends Duos II CDR (2005) Kadima Collective
Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass and Mac PowerBook), Ned Rothenberg (bass clarinet and alto sax), Victoria Hanna (vocals), Harold Rubin (Clarinet, original text), Joseph Sprinzak (voice), Hagai Fresthman (drums), Daniel Hoffman (violin), Gan Lev (reeds, home made didg), Nori Jacoby (viola, flutes). CDR // 15 tracks // 61:27 mins. // jewelcase.

Jones, Jean Claude/Lev, Gan Languages CDR (2005) Kadima Collective
Gan Lev (soprano, alto and baritone saxes, voice, recording and production), Jean Claude Jones (bass & electronics). CDR // 17 tracks // 45:58 mins. // jewelcase.

Leandre, Joelle/Phillips, Barre A l'improviste CD (2008) Kadima Collective
Two improvising string basses, masters Joelle Leandre and Barre Phillips in an aural experiment that is beyond our conventional definitions musical form and manner, an insighful conversationbetween two kindred souls and old friends who never documented their collaborations in a duet format. CD // 7 tracks // 43:02 mins. // stabile 4pages cardboard cover with inlet.

Lee Hangjun/Hong Chulki Expanded Celluloid, Extended Phonograph DVD (2008) Balloon & Needle
Lee Hangjun, rather than capturing the actions of the object through the camera, has been working on chemical process, transforming film itself physically and chemically; Hong Chulki has been working on feedback playing or collaborative improvisation, without transmitter or receiver, using effect pedals or turntable. DVD (NTSC 16:9 STEREO All REGIONS) // 69:20 mins.

Majmon Songbook, The Majmon Songbook, The CDR (2007) Empty Sounds
The Majmon Songbook is a workspace for simple songs typically inspired by e.g. buddhistic philosophy. Most of these songs turn out to be more complex scapes in elektronavn regi. CDR // 6 tracks // 29:12 mins. // handmade cardboard in plastic sleeve.

Nurse With Wound Stereo Wastelands CD (2006) Beta-Lactam Ring
A Collection of Musical Debris from the Original "Who Can I Turn to Stereo" sessions. CD // 3 tracks // 50:07 mins. // full color mini-LP gatefold sleeve.

Nurse With Wound Images/Zero Mix (Standard) Book+CD (2008) Another Timbre
"The book "Images/Zero Mix" plus the album "Zero Mix". 220 page embossed hardbound book and full color dust jacket featuring paintings created to celebrate the release of the albums "Angry Eelectric Finger". The book also contains the album "Zero Mix" packaged in a book bound cd case. Released in an edition of 1500 copies featuring full color images and a matte and gloss spot coating. Book+CD // 4 tracks.

Oöphoi Potala 10"LP (2008) Substantia Innominata
first ever vinyl by the italian deep ambient master! Two long contemplative tracks into the center of holy places (may it be physically or mentally), opening endless spaces with low humming & reverberating meditation-drones! Edition of 500 copies pressed on luminous green vinyl, full-colour artwork by 1000SCHOEN aka ex-MAEROR TRI-member HELGE SIEHL ! 10"LP // 2 tracks // 27:47 mins. // 33rpm // pressed on luminous green vinyl // limited to 500 copies.

Rubin, Harold One Voice CDR (2007) Kadima Collective
Clarinet solo recordings. CDR // 1 tracks // 50:48 mins. // stabile 4pages cardboard cover with inlet.

Shibolet, Ariel/Between the Strings Live At The Tel Aviv Museum CD (2007) Kadima Collective
Strings Trio, solo soprano saxophone, live electronics, bass, viola. CD // 3 tracks // 61:29 mins. // stabile 4pages cardboard cover with inlet.

Sun Stabbed S.T. 7" (2008) Doubtful Sounds
Two different live cuts from 2006 of the guitar duo Sun stabbed. One was recorded in an empty big space, playing for an exhibition at St Etienne. The live was recorded out of the room by Christian Malfray of Nappe, while he was drinking a beer. So the music is made of guitars and ambiant noise with people, animals and cars. An ambiant drony shit track made with guitar feedback and effects. The other selection, was directly taken from the mixing board of the Sonic at Lyon. Here, it was more nervous, noisier and lo-fi. 7" // 2 tracks // with inlet. // wrapped in a thick white paper, silkscreened by cotoreich.

Suspicion Breeds Confidence (Schmitt, Tobias) The Fauna And Flora Of The Vatican City CD (2008) Gruenrekorder
"The "Fauna and Flora of the Vatican City" is the 6th release of Tobias Schmitt's pet project Suspicion Breeds Confidence.The record is a continuation and development of the eclectic and complex music presented on ist predecessors: polyrhythmic beats, abstract electronica, processed field recordings and conventional instruments are blended into a homogeneous and wide-ranging elaborate result. Moments of highly structured music meet flow-of-consciousness like improvisation meet poppy melodies.The titles of the tracks are as surreal and beautiful as ever." (Gruenrekorder) CD // 15 tracks // 75:14 mins.

Tanaka Lithp CD (2008) Kadima Collective
This group has a clean, sophisticated minimalistic style and their sound fits snuggly ino the soft abstract current European scene. Adi Snir: soprano & tenor sax, clarinet, Roni Brenner: guitar, Michael Mayer: guitar, Ofer Bymel: drums. CD // 14 tracks // 56:33 mins. // jewelcase.

Temperamental Trio Raw And The Cooked CD (2006) Kadima Collective
Collaborative compositions by: Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass and live electronics), Loic Kessous (computer and live electronics), Stephen Horenstein (baritone saxophone). CD // 17 tracks // 46:36 mins.

V.A. Escaping From Color (Rapoon re-composed & re-mixed) CD (2008) Quasi Pop
The conception, the idea, and also both realisation and sound sources of this CD are all based on original sound material (loops and sounds) from Rapoon's "Tribal Sci Fi" CD-ROM (released by Sony/Sonic Foundry a few years ago). Not the entire original Rapoon's tracks have been re-mixed or re-composed, but the general «sound» (or the sound aesthetic of Rapoon's music) was recreated instead. CD // 15 tracks // 79:22 mins. // fold-out digisleeve.

V.A. Letztversorgung Bad Kleinen 2LP (2003) Wildest Recordings
Promo-"Live"-Sampler from legendary underground club BAD KLEINEN that happened to Berlin-Mitte between 2001 & 2005 (R.I.P.). Actually there are only three real live-recordings made in the club (A1, D3 & D7), the others are studio-productions mixed up with recordings of the audience.

V.A. White Night in Tel Aviv CDR (2007) Kadima Collective
White Night Festival, June 2006. CDR // 10 tracks // 62:33 mins. // stabile 4pages cardboard cover with inlet.

Van Der Papen Majestic 3"MINICDR (2008) Parvoart
electronic music. 3"MINICDR // 3 tracks // 24:48 mins.

Voigt, Wolfgang - Gas S.T. BOOK+CD (2008) Raster-Noton
Wolfgang Voigt - Gas presents the visual aspect of the comprehensive gas project. It features a broad spectrum of photopraphic images taken between 1995 - 1998 showing many different moods and perspectives of Wolfgang Voigt's cosmos. The enclosed CD presents some well-selected rare juwels from the very early days (and nights). Four of the five tracks have never been released or played before. BOOK+CD // 128 pages, colour // 5 tracks.

Whetham, Simon Landlocked CDR (2008) Gruenrekorder
landlocked' comprises various recordings of water sources, recorded on a visit to Mongolia in November 2006. CDR // 1 track // 23:06 mins. // foldout cardboard sleeve. // limited to 50 copies.
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