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Roland S-10
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:00 pm    Post subject: Roland S-10
Subject description: trying to do sysex sample dump to the S-10
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I have a Roland S-10 I'm reconditioning. Everything that isn't physically broken (QD drive belt Smile ) appears to work, I can sample things and play them back, MIDI IN -> Thru works, MIDI OUT works...

I have QD disks (EBay, and not terribly expensive, either), and a QD Belt on its way. What I'd like to do is dump samples to the keyboard with MIDI SysEx and then save them to disk.

I've read over the Owners Manual MIDI section a couple of times now. I think I'm doing it right, up to a point, but I can't figure out (and the manual doesn't seem to say) what the final step is. Or maybe my MIDI out from my laptop isn't working right, I'm not sure.

I'm running SysEx Librarian on a MAC, with a cheap no-name USB->MIDI interface (which has been proven to work otherwise, i can play other keyboards with it, etc). I have the Roland archives I found online, and the Librarian recognizes them as valid Roland SysEx messages. I've looked at some of the dumps and they do appear to be the correct bytestream (e.g. sysex, roland, channel 1, S-10, send one-way, valid address, data, cksum, end). I've confirmed that I have MIDI set up for channel 1. I initially confirmed that I have Exclusive set to On...but I don't know if that gets reset in a power cycle, if so that could be my problem....I'll have to check that tomorrow.

Here's what I do:

1) power on
2) select a bank
3) Press F1 + MIDI
4) Press FWD twice to get to "One way sample data receive".
discovered by accident that I need to do
5) press ENTER
at which point I get "Wait for Sample Data" (or something, Wait for Data in any case).
6) Tell SysEx Librarian to "play" the sysex data back onto the out port of the USB -> MIDI cable. I can see the activity light blinking.

During this time, there is no change on the keyboard, no "receiving" or anything. That is what makes me want to go back and check that Exclusive isn't being reset when I power cycle (anyone know?).

When Librarian is done, the keyboard doesn't change still. I've tried pressing ENTER, MIDI, F1, F1+MIDI, none of them do anything that I can tell. If I press the bank key again, it says "Cancel" and goes back to the default screen. Of course at that point I have no samples loaded.

So either 1) there's something blocking/screwing up the comms (I did see in the manual that after the first data block or perhaps after each, there's supposed to be a 20ms wait, I don't know if SysEx Librarian honors that) 2) there's something I need to do to "commit" the data that I haven't found in the manual.

Anyone done this successfully? Any magic tips? Smile

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