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The Ganzha
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Joined: Sep 15, 2008
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Location: Germany
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:28 am    Post subject: The Ganzha
Subject description: short Bio
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here is my .....short story compilation

I was born in 1956 in former Soviet Republic Kazakstan - in Central Asia, My father originally citizen of Kiev (Ukraine) and my mother citizen of Petersburg (Russia). I am a mix or Ukraine and Russian..... in 1976 start a work as a DJ in University dancing disco. I was a music man and sound of electronic synths drive me crazy... I start to dream to own one synth to play at home....but it was not able in UssR! I started research in patent library of University but there was not possible to find a schematics of Robert Moog synths but///// i have got some block diagram and schematics from
Amateur electronic magazine from East Germany/ I have got schematics of VCA, VCF, Noise gen, S&H, Keyboard, ASRD,(Envelope Generator) Vco-1, vco-2, vco-3 (Digital-analog Oscillator)..... by the End of 1980 I assembled
all this blocs at home, I used Operating Amplifiers (made in Ussr) and i have got success with this schematics. All of them works properly!!!! That was amazing!!!!! I build big wood cabinet box and used plugs from telephone as a connectors between blocs...... then someone bring me a rithm bow with
harware pre-sets rhythms - bossa Nova, Blues, Samba //// I take away analog drums from this device and builds digitals programmer to programming my own rhythm programms..... Finally I start record to my real to real tape machines my sounds - synth and drum machine/////
that was something new!!!!!

When I started record my gigs on magnet tapes i found that sometimes i did enough good sound sequences and I would able to share these sounds with audiences.....therefore I bring some of my successful opuses in my disco and when my set was almost finished I use my "so called Qazy Music Constructions" as dance music. I have got some attention and start works at home more intensive.... finally I caught such feelings that i need multy track recorder....
i started research again and find 9 channel head for computers (half inch tapes) ..... for first my 8 channel tape recorder I have used old mechanics from not expensive tape recorder and build 9 channels amplifyers and only one recording device - I started recordings all 8 channels step by step - mechanically swith ing recording amplifyer from one track to next.....in my tape recorder I assembled simple 10 channel mixer (volume and panorama only) builded into tape recorder. I use this mixer to control output and input signals and made some new music opuses..... I was so glad to use this method so started a build a more 8 channels recorders (the 9 channel i used for recording a tact frequency - triggering from main generator - tempo from Drum Maschine.
This way I assembled two more tape recorders but I have used mechanics from professional valve tape recorders for radio stations but the are used a speed 78 sm/sec instead of 19sm/sec as in my first tape recorders and I always try to use small tape recorder because of lack of half inch tapes.
The new sound works I started to combines in albums and send copys ot them into radio stations and galleryes of Moscow......
I did use new music when in 1987 I organized independent pop art gallery in center of Alma-Aty. I did it with co-operation of the only one pop Art master in Kazakstan - mr Shai Zia.
there are video about this event

I had no response for my new music but in 1989 in Almaty started international festival "Altyn Alma" -

(The golden Apple - Alma-Ata means the FAther of the Apples) and I was participant as a independent musician - in my home apartment where was my unusual home recording studio were 3 8 channels tape recorders, two 10 channels mixers (one is DIY) one sequencer (DIY) one Drum composer (DIY) 3 synths (1 DIY) and two made in Russia and lots of other music gadgets. I have got visitors - Peter Janner and Joe Boyd (from Pink Floyd the both) and more others.....they were impressed and takes a lot of pictures of me and my equipment.....
after 1989 I suddenly got success - one of my old sound composition named Nonsens were broadcast via Radio Majk (Radio covered All territory of UssR!!!!) then I have got private invitation to visit East Berlin in 1990 and when I was there I find in Telephone book of East Berlin phone namber of Radio DT - I call to this radio and they invited me to its studio to take short interview, the took it and used some of my sound opuses just because Radio Majak already broadcast them!!!!!
I was really happy!!!!!

When I get back Alma-Aty I started sending a letters to Peter Jenner and Joe Boyd to his company Rycodisc but he ovoid to answer me (too busy etc).... Peter Janner never answered me too.....
in 1992 I got invitation to visit NYC and got the Apple .... i try to shares my tapes but was not successful and start works as a worker to earn some money $4,25 per hour in NJ ..... after 1 year i start make money from videography and open two be weekly shows about music in MNN (Manhattan Neigbourhood networks) but i was citizens of Ussr and every 6 month should be get back to Ussr and ask US embassy for new entry visas.... it was good enough to 1998 when embassy suddenly refused me
and put me into its "Computer" .... that was pity..... Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad

beeng captured in former USSR i did some gigs with co-operations with
my friend Shai-Zia and other musicians I did it in my home studio
here is video of one gig

I did some music video too
When I crossed US border a customer officer was amazed om my name - he said that his colleagues never belive him if he said that he uproved to "Ganzha" (Marihuana) legally crossing us border.....
After beeng in "Computer" I start blame my name with it.... and when I met young girl i married her and took her name instead of my I started a new life with new name Ehrlich wich means "Honest" and get Germany as a permanent residence in 2004.....
suddenly i was invited to Moskow as a videographer for documentary of Vienna artist - electronic musicians//////at 2006
I felt old and hidden feeling of electronic sound and smell of stage.....i worked in Germany day and nite and after 6 months i rebuild a replica of my sovjet studio.....with small boxes _________________
In West Germany I reside in small town Kaufbeuren near of Munich and when I start my rebuilding assembly work i find a biggest in Germany society of artist - Domagh verein in Munich. I start my membership in this society and invited to make mutual performance in "Domagk atelje" building 47 my old friend from USSR artist named StirliTZ.
This buildings was old nazy "casarma" (place for nazy troopers) and it was fanny - because the name - StirliTZ is belong to russian spy from World War 2
...... i bring my small boxes and we start performance////that was my first gig after almost 15 years of silence!!!!
in pics
there are 3 sequencers, 3 synths, drum mashine, power suplay, 12 channel mixer.

Being in Germany i felt luck of gigs and start performs via internet - in very first time via internet radio - vombat, that was ones, then I find venue owners in Second Life and got 3 times 30 minutes show .....


My young "frau" did not find a job in Germany but find this in Almaty so in 2008 we get back to Kazakstan. I bring all my DIY equipment builded in two big wooden boxes in Almaty and I was invited to performs for NYE 2009 for big society of unusual people named "Barracuda"
video is here
I am freelancer and for me to be in Germany or in Kazakstan is not bad for my business - I am videographer.
Here is some of my very first sound paintings

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Joined: Oct 16, 2008
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Location: CPU
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PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2013 4:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

Fascinating biography Very Happy
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