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My Just Intonated Music
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Low Entropy

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 6:50 am    Post subject: My Just Intonated Music Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

My Just Intonated Music

Just Intonation and Microtuning are two methods to create music outside of the now standard western scale, which is called 12 tone equal temperament. the 12 tone equal temperament means that there are only 12 semitones available for each octave, which have a fixed frequency and ratio. this is how 99% of all music in the western world is created now. in techno, dance, pop, rock, ambient, you name it. but it's a lie. there are more tones possible per octave - in fact, an infinite amount. yet western music repeats the same 12 semitones over and over again in each song and track. quite boring. also, the 12 TET is way off in it's intervals. when nowadays a composer, electronic or otherwise, uses a fifth, a third, a sept, this is actually detuned - due to 12 TET. it's not the same fifth, third, septs that Mozart, Bach, Haendel used. for the last 100 years or so, western music has been inherently detuned. no wonder it sounds so annoying.
i got introduced to the concept of microtuning and just intonation when i talked to a friend about composing and creating melodies. i was quite proud of the melodies i created, but he pointed out they were in a 12 TET scale and explained to me a bit of the background. i then started to dig deeper and read a lot about it, and it felt like i was hit over me head since i realised there was something in music i never recognized before and that was completely unknown to me.
i then eagerly started to use just intonation and microtuning in almost all tracks i created. all of my vinyl releases contained at least one track with just intonation or microtuning. the use of it in this field of electronic music was quite rare, and still is, i suppose. so i ended up creating some of the first hardcore techno tracks based on just intonation.
in the later years i let the JI thing sort of slip, since i changed the way and equipment i used for producing, and clang "desperately" to the intervals that are at least *slightly* close to the original, just intonated intervals - the fifth, the fourth, and so on.
but now i am getting back to creating electronic just intonated and microtuned music.
it would be nice to see if more artists picked up these methods and used them in their works, and if the knowledge about these things is getting more widespread.

tracks of mine with the use of JI and MT (some examples):

Urban Uprising (possibly the first just intonated hardcore track pressed on vinyl?)
Symphony Of Creative Destruction
Don't Let Our Dreams Die
Emerald Planet
The Truth
Soundtrack For Visiting Another Planet

JI = Just Intonation
MT = Microtuning

my homepage: http://anarchist.widerstand.org
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 Forum index » How-tos » Micro Tuning
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