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 Forum index » Clavia Nord Modular » G2 FAQ
Is there a pdf with just the new features in 1.4?
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Joined: Sep 18, 2007
Posts: 7
Location: Sydney

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 4:46 am    Post subject: Is there a pdf with just the new features in 1.4? Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

I have the printed 1.1 manual and 1.4 in pdf form.

As I'm new to the G2, I have quite a bit of reading to do and I find it more convenient, at times, to refer to the printed manual. A summary of the changes and new features in 1.4 would be useful.

I've checked the Clavia website, but couldn't find anything, apart from the Mutator manual.
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Blue Hell
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Joined: Apr 03, 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 5:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

In C:\Program Files\Clavia\Modular G2 v1.40 there is a file readme.txt touching on some of the changes, that's all there is I think.

Since I have the file open I might just as well paste it here

Clavia Nord Modular G2
Version 1.40


1. Introduction
2. System Requirements
3. Installation
4. New features in V1.40
5. Bugs fixed since V1.32
6. Troubleshooting

1. Introduction

Thank you for choosing the Nord Modular G2! We would like to welcome you
to the fascinating world of modular synthesis. Prepare yourself for a
journey where your creativity can reach new levels in a way that has not
been conceivable with synthesizers before (except for the previous Nord
Modular family).

1.1 Important notes

If you are upgrading from an older version, make sure you save your
patches from the G2 internal memory to your computer. Clavia can in
no way be held responsible for any loss of data on your system.

2. System Requirements
Computer: 500MHz, 128MB RAM. (*)
OS:       Windows 98SE, 2000 or XP.
          Mac OS X Jaguar (10.2) or Panther (10.3).
Display:  At least 1024x768 pixels and 16 bit color depth.
Other:    USB port.

(*) With a single Nord Modular G2 connected.

3. Installation

3.1 Windows

3.1.1 Driver Installation

If you already have a Modular G2 device driver installed, skip this section
and move on to 3.1.2. It has not been changed and this new version will
work fine with the old installation.

If not, connect the USB cable between the Nord Modular G2 and your PC.
The "Found New Hardware" wizard should appear. Let the wizard search the
CD for the driver by choosing next or specify the location if you don't
have the CD or the wizard fails to find it automatically.

3.1.2 Software Installation

Run "SetupModularG2_V140.exe". Click the "Next" button when you are ready
to move on with the installation. The Editor software will be installed in
a folder named "Clavia" in the "Program Files" folder on the hard disk.
During the installation you will be able to select an alternative location
for the software. Confirm every window in the installation procedure by
clicking on the "Next" button. The installation may be aborted by clicking
"Cancel". Click the "Close" button to return to the Windows desktop when
the installation is complete.

3.2 Mac OS X

Drag the file "NMG2Editor" to your "Applications" folder.

3.3 Synth Update

If the Synth is not already running V1.40 you will need to run the Synth
Update utility before the Editor software can connect to it. The patch
format in V1.40 is compatible with all previous versions, so you will
still be able to load your patches after you have installed the new OS.
Make sure to backup your performances and patches first to be on the safe
side (see 1.1 Important notes).

Some patches cannot be fully converted, check out paragraph 6.2 in the
Troubleshooting section for more information.

To update the synth, first make sure the Editor is not running and that
no MIDI cables are plugged into the G2. Start the Synth Update utility.
Press the Update button and the synth will reboot in update mode. Wait
until the progress bar reaches 100%, and then click the "Done" button.
Do NOT under any circumstances switch of the power of your synth during
the update procedure.

4. New features in V1.40

Key features:

Patch Adjuster and Patch Mutator

From this version the Nord Modular G2 Editor provides two new tools for
patch modification, the Patch Adjuster for quick patch changes on a global
level, and the Patch Mutator for extensive sonic exploration based on
interactive evolution.

Together these tools greatly simplify the sound design process, and allow
you to get interesting results even without knowledge of the inner workings
of a specific patch.

Color Scheme

Users with red-green-difficulties have expressed problems to differentiate
between pressed and non-pressed buttons. To solve this we have implemented
a Color Scheme setting found in the Options dialog.

More new features since version 1.32:

* The patch window automatically scrolls when dragging a cable outside
  the window. Also the zone inside the window that triggers scrolling
  while dragging cables or moving modules has been enlarged.
* A new hot key 'z' will play the last played key on the Virtual Keyboard.

5. Bugs fixed since V1.32

* Tool tip text of the OscMaster course parameter has been corrected.
* Patch Level display differed slightly in the synth and the editor.
* Some patches with many modules with many parameters made the G2 halt.
* Having more than 255 cable segments per patch is now possible.
* Save As now suggest the entire filename and not only the valid 16 chars.
* Fixed a problem with gain in FltStatic when changing between variations
  where it was in different modes.
* Clicking sound was removed from the lowest setting in the built in glide.
* Doing more than 25 simultaneous parameter changes you could on rare
  occasions lose one.

Windows version only:
* Using hot keys to open Open or Save dialogs now close module tool tips.
* Hovering with the mouse pointer over the Open and Save dialog could crash
  the Editor on some computers.
* Sometimes only one floating tool window was focused when trying to focus
  the application.

6. Troubleshooting

6.1 Editor and synthesizer communication problems

Make sure that the Nord Modular G2 synthesizer is turned on.

Make sure that the USB driver is installed and the USB cable is connected.

Make sure the Update utility isn't running.

If you still don't get a connection to the synthesizer from the Editor,
try to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable. If the problem remains,
try to "Scan for Hardware changes" in the device manager. If you still
have a problem, try a shorter (1.5 meter) USB-cable.

6.2 Old patch doesn't sound the same as in version 1.00, 1.10 or v1.20.

Some modules were changed between 1.10 and 1.20 in such a way that a
complete conversion of patches using them is impossible:

Mixers: The chain inputs are not affected by the Pad parameter any more.

Clock divider: The duration of the output used to be 50%. Now it equals
the duration of the clock input instead.

Clock divider fixed: This module has been removed, replace it with one or
more Clock divider modules.

Glide: When in Lin mode the range of the time parameter is changed.

Freq shifter: This module now lacks the 0 and 90 degree outputs and the
mix parameter and output have also been removed. In most cases the same
behaviour can be achieved using the xFade module connected to the "Up"
and "Dn" outputs.

LFO's: When in any of the two random modes the range of the rate parameter
has been changed.

Stereo delay: There used to be a problem with the Dry/Wet parameter
affecting the feedback amount. This has now been fixed, but some earlier
patches may be slightly altered.

Stereo delay: In v1.20 the feedback parameters got the wrong scaling.
This was restored in v1.24 to the correct behaviour used in v1.10.
Since no conversion is done patches made with version 1.20 must be
adjusted manually.

6.3 If none of the tips above helps, follow the steps on the Clavia
Technical Support web page: http://www.clavia.se/


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Joined: Sep 18, 2007
Posts: 7
Location: Sydney

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 6:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread


I remember seeing that when I installed the software.

Just had another look at both manuals and realize that the difference in content is not as great is I thought. The main difference is in the structure of the manuals.
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 Forum index » Clavia Nord Modular » G2 FAQ
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