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"Studio Connections", Device Panels, Cubase Script
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Joined: Nov 26, 2004
Posts: 15
Location: Alexandria, Virginia

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 8:22 am    Post subject: "Studio Connections", Device Panels, Cubase Script Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

Any one know more about "Studio Connections" and "Total Recall" than the limited info I've found on the Yamaha website? It's apparently a protocol devised by Yamaha and Steinberg, (before they became Yamaha/Steinberg) that allows more control of hardware from DAW's. There is no info in the pdf's that came with the upgrade, but supposedly SX3 is compatible.

I think that this is a good idea! I am already imagining how easy it will be to access my XV 5050 from Cubase as easily as Halion 3.1, (as it is now, I have to pull up a seperate editor for XV 5050), and the same for Midiverb4, and my VG-88/VGA-7 amp and effects, (which don't have software editors at all). I am considering selling my Tascam FW-1082, and purchasing the Yamaha 01X, as the 01X is fully supported by "Studio Connections".

I am planning on creating the SX3 "Device Panels" this weekend. I'm now using SX3, upgraded from SL3 just this week. These are panels dedicated to "hardware" and will let the user access these units as easily as Soft Synths. This feature was not included in SL3, and any advise from someone more experienced with this feature will be helpful.

I also have a question in reguards to Cubase Scripts or Instrument Definitions. Scripts are specific for each peice of equipment, and allow the patch "names" to be used for changing selections as opposed to various Midi bank LSB MSB BullS#*%. Previous responses to my posts, have directed me to libraries where I have found most of the Scripts for the equipment that I'm using. Now I have a new and rather unique issue,...please follow.

As I am using a Midi Guitar as my controller, (Roland GI-20, upgraded from the GR-20 that I have been utilizing) when I select a Midi track for recording in SX3/SL3, I select "Any" for midi channel, (this allows all 6 channels to "pass through", where as selecting channels 1-16 will convert all midi data to the specified channel). This is necessary as each string transmits it's individual velocity/dynamics, and pitch info on its own channel, and if converted to a single channel, defeats the entire purpose of having such an expressive controller. When I select "Any" the window where Scripts are selected is no longer available.

My temp solution,..I create a Midi record track for changing patches, and set the Midi channel on the "control " channel for the target synths. This works, but gets a little confusing, and there are enough confusing things going on already.

I would greatly appreciate any and all advise/comments/suggestions. I am always amazed at the knowledge that the members of electro-music have amassed, and I generally implement suggestions/comments with positive results.

Xp sp2, 2.8Ghz, 1.5 megs pc3200 mem, Utra ATA for sys, Ultra ATA for Halion Content, 200 gigLacie Firewire for Audio, Platinum Pro for Sys,Tascam FW-1082,Cubase SL3.0, Halion 3.0, D'Cota 1.01, Edirol SD-20, Zoom MRT-3b, Roland XV 5050, GI-20/VGA-7 Guitar/Midi systems.
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 Forum index » Instruments and Equipment » Cubase
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