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FS (EU) - Big Sale - Lots of synths and related!
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:17 pm    Post subject: FS (EU) - Big Sale - Lots of synths and related! Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

Several items available for sale in Portugal.
Prices don't include shipping costs, which depend a lot on where you are:


Korg Karma (with EXB-PCM03 + EXB-PCM04) = 550€
Just some yellowish keys and one of the keys is slightly higher than others. Functionally, everything is ok!

Korg Micro-X = 300€
Great shape, with original case, manuals, power supply and CD. Only small flaw, the keys are a bit yellowish...

Korg Poly 800 MkII + MEX8000 (x3) = 650€
Comes with original case, original manual (slightly damaged), original tape with sounds, original power supply and a keytar stripe from a Korg 707. Works great, but has some small blemishes around the volume knob and in the area over the joystick.
The Korg MEX8000s are almost brand new, with two of them in the original box with manual, while the third one is lacking manual and has a very small oxidation spot in one side (but still comes with the original box).

Sound Modules:

Akai S1000 - 100€
To be repaired, some rust spots on the outside, but front panel looks fine and the inside doesn't look bad either. Comes with SCSI board installed on it.

Creamware Pro 12 - 800€
Some small marks and the encoder sometimes skips when you are turning it very slowly, but you rarely end up using it since it has up and down buttons. Everything else is working just fine, including all knobs that you use to program your own sounds.

Yamaha A5000 - 500€ (or 300€ each)
Some small marks and the typical problem with the encoder, but other than that, they work great and are worth the money just as an effects processor.
Both come with 68Mb of RAM and internal HD (one IDE with 1Gb, the other one SCSI with 700Mb)

Yamaha TX16w - 120€
Some labelling a bit faded in two buttons and some scratches, but overall good condition and works great. Only comes with Typhoon OS floppy!


ARX EQ-60 - 135€
Needs some cleaning on the sliders, as they scratch a bit, but otherwise in pretty good shape.

Yamaha FX-900 (x2) + FC-900 - 275€
Some problems with the outputs / inputs. The effects processor works great, but in one unit it seems to be getting signal only from the Right side (even if you connect a mono source), while the other seems to have problems with the gain switches that makes the signal drop sometimes (switching them usually fixes the situation, at least for a bit).
Much more versatile than the SPXs, with up to 4 effects with different configurations available.


TomKATs (3x 11" + 4x 7" - made by Dauz) + KicKAT = 200€
Some of the TomKATs are still the original box and the rubbers are in great shape as they were basically not used.
The KicKAT has some rusty spots, but nothing too serious.
There are no supports included, but they are still much cheaper than the current pads made by Dauz.

DrumKAT EZ - 175€
Needs repairs as pads 1 and 2 are not responding. Rubber is in great shape and the remaining pads work well.
Comes with original box.


Korg Zero 8 - 350€
Unfortunately it has some problems, namely the touchpad (which is a common issue) and two faders are not working (making it a 6 stereo channel mixer).
I would recommend a complete check by a tech, but it is a really nice and versatile mixer, especially if you aim to play live

Creamware A16 (200€) + A16 Ultra (375€) - 500€
The A16 needs some cleaning in the back switches and the A16 Ultra has some damage on one rack ear (despite you can fit it in a rack without any problem).

Creamware Pulsars - Pulsar I + Pulsar II (x2) + Pulsar SRB - 500€
With original boxes, manuals, CDs, cables to connect the boards and audio cables (2 RCA ones and 1 XLR).
Selling only as I don't have a system to use them now, but they were working without any problem.
That's also why I priced them lower as you are basically paying for the two Pulsar II only...


Korg MEX-8000 (x3) - 275€
Can sell those independently from the Korg Poly 800 MkII (but won't sell the Korg Poly 800 MkII without getting rid of these first). Read the description in the Korg Poly 800 MkII

Korg MP-100 + RP-100 - 100€
Basically NOS products, with original manuals and boxes.
The most time I spent with them was to record the youtube videos you can find online demonstrating these two machines.

Korg cards for DDD-1/5 / DRM-1 - JAZZ1 (30€ sealed) and TIMBALES1 (25€ in the original case)

Rockman Headphones Pre-amp - 60€
With delay, chorus and overdrive (non editable, despite these last two effects have two possible settings)

21 Vintage Tubes from several brands - 200€
Not an expert on tubes and don't have the time to use them on the DIY projects I had plan to, so I rather sell them.
Unfortunately have no way to test them, so I sell them as they are, but I'd estimate each of them in working condition should be worth 20€ if not more.
This is what I have (plus two tubes that I couldn't identify...) - 10x 6L6GC / 4x EL34 / 4x 12AT7 / 1x 12AX7

Any question you have, just contact me!

I can send several photos of the different gear I mentioned and can even provide you some demonstrations if needed.
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 Forum index » Wanted, For Sale, Opportunities and Requests » Equipment/Software Wanted and For Sale
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