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G2 Patch Archive Listing
15 entries found.
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[see]Jul 7, 05deknowFXBurp...
trem to vibrato.pch2
[see]Jun 28, 05deknowG2 Building Blockstremolo to vibrato
updated!!!! i uploaded the wrong version at first
[see]Jan 30, 06deknowG2 Patches - Experimentala clock divide idea
[see]Jan 31, 06deknowG2 Patches - Experimentala clock divide idea
[see]Dec 22, 05deknowGeneral DiscussionRack mount VA for filter sweeps (Like Edgar's Arp2600 patch)
[see]Jul 27, 05deknowModular SynthesisCross-Modulation
[see]Nov 23, 05deknowNord Modular G2 DiscussionTurning glide on/off within a patch
Clavia demo.pch2
[see]Jan 24, 06deknowNord Modular G2 DiscussionVoice emulating in an analog Synth?
[see]Feb 2, 06deknowNord Modular G2 DiscussionPatch technique
[see]Nov 14, 07deknowNord Modular G2 DiscussionThe best way to make beautiful Goa/Trance gate effect ?
[see]Aug 25, 05deknowNord Modular G2 Discussionfast retriggering problem
[see]Feb 2, 06deknowNord Modular G2 DiscussionPatch technique
[see]Oct 23, 05deknowNord Modular G2 DiscussionHelp needed - start on high logic
[see]Jan 3, 06deknowNord Modular G2 DiscussionG2-Toolbox
lifes ok right now.pch2
[see]Feb 20, 06deknowNord Modular G2 DiscussionLife's Been Good Synth Sound

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