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G2 Patch Archive Listing
28 entries found.
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  Patch File    Date    Poster    Forum    Topic 
Jan 25, 07coolcatAcousticLord of the Strings
I'm Staying Home.pch2
stormy weather
Jan 18, 07coolcatFXI'm Staying Home
simple model, big sound
Jan 10, 07coolcatSynthSynthasia
Four of a Kind.pch2
subtractive/additive synth
Dec 21, 06coolcatSynthFour of a Kind
ConeBlaster DLX.pch2
power bass
Oct 16, 06coolcatBassConeBlaster DLX
Fairlight CMI.pch2
classic samples
Oct 10, 06coolcatClassicFairlight CMI
The Mighty Nord.pch2
space music sounds
Oct 4, 06coolcatSynthThe Mighty Nord
Red Brass.pch2
brass with enough copper to give it a reddish tint
Sep 30, 06coolcatPadRed Brass
Eleanor Strings.pch2
stringie thingie
May 5, 06coolcatPadEleanor Strings
_That Greek Guy_.pch2
analog sounds circa 1977
Apr 29, 06coolcatSynthThat Greek Guy
Cosmic Dreamer 2.pch2
more variations
Apr 27, 06coolcatPadCosmic Dreamer
Cosmic Dreamer.pch2
some velvet phasing
Apr 22, 06coolcatPadCosmic Dreamer
Electric Grand 2.pch2
improved formula
Apr 15, 06coolcatPianoElectric Grand 2
Kind Of Blue.pch2
blue kind of trumpet
Apr 1, 06coolcatAcousticKind Of Blue
liquid textures
Mar 17, 06coolcatFXAquaSonic
-Astral Voyager-.pch2
multi-dimensional pad
Feb 14, 06coolcatPadAstral Voyager
- TranceKiddie -.pch2
infectious sounds
Jan 30, 06coolcatSynthTranceKiddie
- Baby Babble -.pch2
there's life in your G2
Jan 26, 06coolcatFXBaby Babble
-- Very Saxy --.pch2
blow that horn boy!
Jan 24, 06coolcatAcousticVery Saxy
WaveStation G 2_.pch2
breathy, glassy pads
Jan 22, 06coolcatPadWaveStation G/2
HardSyncin' Arpy.pch2
play it loud!
Jan 20, 06coolcatSynthHardSyncin' Arpy
Mutant Lead_____.pch2
cross bred babies
Jan 19, 06coolcatLeadMutant Lead
MiniNord Lead___.pch2
another emulation
Jan 18, 06coolcatLeadMiniNord Lead
MiniNord Bass___.pch2
can you do fatter?
Jan 12, 06coolcatBassMiniNord Bass
cosmic pads
Dec 20, 05coolcatPadLost In Space
Isao's Dream.pch2
atmospheric voices and choirs
Dec 16, 05coolcatPadIsao's Dream
synth, electric and acoustic basses
Dec 14, 05coolcatBassThe Low End
Take me to your leader
Dec 12, 05coolcatLeadLeadership

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