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Knock a little digital effect on the theremin and it's a gasser. A live-in-person audience blaster. In "101 Dalmatians" the far out evil chick with the skunk-streaked wig, Cruella DeVille - her theme song.
3.21 MBFeb 25, 09krkrOnline MusicFinger Poppin' Theremin TIme
This crazy paradiddle's called "Never Never Land" from Peter Pan. It features a way-gone Tara Buzash on piano. Theremin starts like a sax, then acoustic bass, then a stratospherized theremin.
7.42 MBFeb 25, 09krkrOnline MusicFinger Poppin' Theremin TIme
5.97 MBJul 23, 06krkrThereminTheremin Jazz Moozika
Four ThereMantras: played on the Etherwave Pro, with Tibetan Singing Bowl. All together now...
5.26 MBFeb 28, 06krkrThereminMORE NEW THEREMIN MUSIC
Divertimento #4 for Piano and Theremin Howard Moscovitz, piano Kip Rosser, theremin Copyright 2006 by Howard Moscovitz and Kip Rosser
7.54 MBFeb 22, 06krkrThereminNEW THEREMIN MUSIC
Adagietto, from Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 5: This is the first 3.5 minutes from the beautiful 11-minute 4th movement. Pianist Jef Anderson plays a Kurzweil 2500 Series keyboard, and the theremin is a Moog Etherwave Pro.
5.45 MBDec 1, 05krkrOnline MusicA THEREMIN CONTRIBUTION

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