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11.22 MBOct 31, 04elektro80electro-music.comOctober 2004
a jam - lotsa cheese.mp3
3.21 MBAug 7, 04elektro80SchmoozeEver get this sorta feeling?
674.5 KBOct 7, 04elektro80SchmoozeWhich tune is this..?
complex drug.mp3
38.42 KBDec 21, 03elektro80SchmoozeGuide to Being Depressed and Miserable
745.82 KBAug 20, 04elektro80SchmoozeThe cutting power of new synths
829.61 KBDec 16, 05elektro80Sequencer - interactiveCylicNoiseq
45.85 KBNov 12, 04elektro80SchmoozeSaving Sargent Ryan - Indecent...
1.89 MBMay 3, 06elektro80SchmoozeAn excellent commercial
2.68 MBFeb 24, 07elektro80CompositionWho are you favourite composers?
2.68 MBFeb 24, 07elektro80CompositionWho are you favourite composers?
2.46 MBMar 1, 08elektro80SchmoozeWhat's the oldest electronic "Hit"?
Sigmund Freud.mp3
695.03 KBNov 25, 03elektro80SchmoozeSynthesizers - a sex substitute?
64.04 KBApr 10, 07elektro80SchmoozeHERE's some FUN! list the next 20 tracks on your .mp3 playa
1.54 MBJul 27, 04elektro80Stein GrebstadElektro 80: Funeral Pyre - Berlin
A frecnh something. Supposedly selling... gasoline??
3.96 MBApr 15, 07elektro80SchmoozeFrench and Total
Who-s on First.mp3
2.04 MBAug 30, 04elektro80SchmoozeWho is on first?????

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