The Woodwind Patch Collection


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This page contains a collection of G2 models meant to mimic various woodwind instruments.They are all physical models, many based on the techniques described in these pages, with special attention paid to final equalization.All instruments have been equalized to approximate the spectra of sampled instruments contained in the McGill University Master Samples.


Each model on this page is a G2 performance, instead of a patch.This is because each model requires 4 DSPs to generate the sound:one DSP for the basic model, and three more for equalization.The G2 expansion board is not required.




Sample MP3


The following songs were recorded using these models.Each model was controlled with Yamaha BC3 breath controller through a Kurzweil ExpressionMate, using variation 8 on slot 1.The only post-processing added was a convolution reverb.





The Instruments


The models are below.After each name is the instrumentís natural range.










Variation Programming


In each model, the following variations are programmed: