Adding Vibrato


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Adding vibrato to the flute is similar to adding vibrato to the blown pipe.  But we have an additional destination possibility:  the pitch of the embouchure delay.


In the patch below, vibrato is created with an LFO, as it was with the blown pipe.  The LFO signal can be added to the model in four different places:  the pitch (modulating both delays), the embouchure (modulating the embouchure delay only), the input air pressure, and the pipe’s LPF frequency.  These destinations can be chosen using the four purple Mixer modules in the left column.  Patch variations 2 through 5 demonstrate different kinds of vibrato.







Modulating the pitch (both delays)


Variation 2 modulates the pitch by routing the LFO to the both delay’s pitch input.




Modulating the air pressure


Variation 3 modulates the input air pressure.




Modulating the frequency of the pipe’s lowpass filter


Variation 4 modulates the frequency of the pipe’s LPF loop filter.




Modulating the embouchure (embouchure delay only)


Variation 5 modulates the frequency of the embouchure delay’s pitch input.  This is a new feature that the blown pipe doesn’t have.