Legato Phrasing


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Once again, playing legato phrases results in sudden, “electronic-sounding” changes in the pitch.


And once again, we’ll use a crossfader to alternate between a pair of delays at each note transition.


Unlike the blown pipe, we’re using delays instead of comb filters.  So, for each delay, we’ll add an additional parallel one, and mix them with a crossfader.  The easiest thing to do is replace the existing delays with the G2’s nice Two-Tap Delay module, labeled “Xfade Pipe” in the patch below.





How does it work?


The concept is the same one used in the blown pipe and flute models.


Each delay has been replaced with two-tap delay and a crossfader.  The crossfader switches from one tap to the other every time a new note is pressed.


The panner that controls the pipe shape now has to control two pipes, the “current note” pipe and the “previous note” pipe.  So we’ll add a second panner, and control them both with a single control.




The driver has changed, too


The Jet Driver has gotten a lot bigger.  We’ve added two additional controls, which let us control the driver’s input and output levels.