Tuning the Bore


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We値l tune this model using the same technique we used for the blown pipe: we値l build a piecewise-linear tuning table using SeqCtr modules. This will let us manually tune every fourth note (every C, E, and G#), and let the G2 fill in the rest of the notes.


The patch is below. We値l choose our 5-octave range to be between C2 and C7, since that should cover most woodwind instruments.





As in the blown pipe, we値l use a pair of SeqCtr modules as coarse- and fine-tuning controls. We値l also add a third SeqCtr that lets us change the bell frequency. This may come in handy, since the loop filters don稚 track the keyboard, and the sound gets pretty bright when playing low notes.




The tuning procedure


Like most models of this type, we値l tune from the bottom of the keyboard (C2) to the top (C7).


The tuning procedure is as follows: