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    Previous Regular Shows

    Regular Shows are an important feature on In the sections below you can find details and descriptions of the previous regular shows and of the hosts/artists who present them. You can read more...? here.
    Details of current regular shows are available here.

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    Eleventh Hour


    The Eleventh Hour was a live webcast that ran from 11-11-11 to 12-24-12 at It began as a suggestion from Blue Hell to be a platform for AcidTrasH to practice performing live. It ran bi-weekly on Sundays, but had an extended break from May-Oct 2012 due to health problems experienced by the shows host, 1:11. Broadcasts resumed 11-11-12.

    In total there were 17 episodes, most of them live performances by AcidTrasH. For each performance, AT would try different techniques in the spirit of experimentation, and attempt to develop their sound. The shows ended up being one of the most valuable resources for AcidTrasH, and resulted in 90% of the material they released during that year.

    The shows that did not feature live performances were “clip shows”, where tracks from other artists were played. These shows would feature a mix of artists, as well as other underground artists sourced from around the web.

    After the “apocalypse” didn’t happen on 12-21-12, and the surrounding hype died down, it was decided that “The Eleventh Hour” should also end, and be replaced with a fresher, more positive concept. Thus, Green Screens and Drum Machines took it’s place in the bi-weekly Sunday line up.

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