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Affiliate partners
If you click through on links to these internet stores, we will receive a small referal commision which helps fund our network links, computers and administration costs.  You get the same quality service at the same prices and you support electro-music.com.

Not only can you get all of your electro-music gear and supplies, but you can get books, cameras, consumer items, jewelrey - just about anything. Here is a list of all our affilitate partners. We are working to find more Euoprean affilates. If you have suggestions, please let us know.

We have a special site freature which lists suggested and recommended items from amazon.com.

Check this page frequently; we'll be adding more affilites as we go along.


Musical instruments and equipment:

zZounds.com - instruments, PAs, mixers - a great online music store. Very well respected among electro-muisic.com memebers.
Keyboards at Musician's Friend MusiciansFriend.com - another great online music store. A good source of used and dented gear. Also, very well respected among electro-muisic.com memebers.

Computers and network equipment:
Once You Know, You Newegg Newegg.com - Prehaps the best computer store on the internet. Great for everything from complete systems, monitors, memory, cases, power supplies, network gear - virtually eveything you might need. Highly recommended.
Dell Computers 
Click Here for Apple Laptops from MacWarehouse MacWharehouse (UK) - All things Apple and Mac and more. 
Free palmOne Wi-Fi Card Palm - Palm handhelds & Theo smartphones 
Check out Best Selling Electronic Products! MacMall - Not just Macs. All Apple products and much more.

PC Mall - Great Technology, Great Advice, Great Pr
PCMall.com -  Another good online computer store. (Less techie orientated than NewEgg)
Sony Digital Cameras & Camcorders Special Offers Sony - Buy direct, computers, cameras, audio products - everything.

Books, CDs, DVDs, General Merchandise

Amazon.com - Not only books, CDs, and DVDs but virtually anything you might want. They do a great job on used items as well as referral to other sites with low prices.

You can shop at any of these amazon sites. We are registerd with all of them, but you must click through from electro-music.com.
Free Shipping at Buy.com! Buy.com - Virtually anything is available though this shopping portal.
Click Here to shop at eBay.co.uk ebay (UK) - Really...

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