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Tranzistow News
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 3:38 am    Post subject: Tranzistow News Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

It somehow happened that I didn't post any Tranzistow news here for quite some time, although Tranzistow is more alive than ever Cool

Anyway, the most important news is that, since Summer 2019 Build, Tranzistow is available as "Hrastow Tranzistow" 32/64-bit package with my own application environment called Hrastow. This environment is a standalone synthesizer controlled by MIDI (two main and one control input are provided) which also contains ASIO host and a simple VST 2.x host with 5 FX slots (one for each Tranzistow stereo output), each of them being able to load two VST plugins in serial. The main purpose of those slots is the ability to use some external VST effects to process Tranzistow outputs or 4 external inputs if needed, but they can also load other VST synthesizers like my own Diodow synthesizer, for example. There is a separate mixer where input and output levels for each of those 5 slots can be individually adjusted. Furthermore, there is an internal oversampler, so you can achieve 88.2/96kHz quality on systems with 44.1/48kHz sample rates.

Due to high demand, Tranzistow can still be loaded in other VST hosts as well. Just download the latest package and copy Tranzistow DLLs into your VST plugins folder so they can be used by the host. Also copy TranzistowPatches and TranzistowWaves folders. But, and a big BUT - if it doesn't work (or doesn't work well) with a particular host then bad luck, sorry. Life is too short to fight with all those hosts out there and that's one of the reasons why I decided to develop a standalone version.

The big thing about all this is that I am now providing a full Tranzistow version as part of the package! Yes, full multimode/multithreaded Tranzistow, no demo anymore! It's exactly the same environment I was using in my own music (in the meantime I switched to my private X2 version where I can now create complete tracks on Tranzistow alone). When working with Hrastow you have to control it over MIDI from the sequencer (either from a separate computer or using LoopBe virtual MIDI driver) and mix it using a real mixer (or some virtual mixer directly on the computer). This offer is aimed at people who really want to use Tranzistow as a main synthesizer in their music (either with Hrastow or in VST hosts), not as "just another plugin". It is released as a "mandatory donationware" with donations ranging from 50 USD up to 200 USD or more depending on how much Tranzistow will be worth to you, on how many computers do you intend to use it, etc. Only PayPal donations to Posted Image, might have been reduced in size. Click Image to view fullscreen. are accepted. Please, keep in mind this still isn't a commercial project so no support, no assistance in getting it to work, no troubleshooting of your system, etc. Of course, I will make enhancements and fix bugs when I encounter them simply because this is the synthesizer I am using on a daily basis and will be using in my music for years to come. This also means that I can actively test it on Windows XP, 7 and 10 with various ASIO drivers for audio interfaces I have (E-MU, ESi, ASIO4All). Donations cannot be returned, so think twice before donating, check if it works for you in the current state, decide how much it is important to you and then donate the appropriate amount. Those who donated 200 USD or more can contact me by mail and receive a personalized version with these "donationware" messages removed. And don't insult yourself, me and Tranzistow with donations below 50 USD. If you think this synthesizer isn't worth at least 50 bucks then it isn't for you, sorry.

Tranzistow info and download here:


Various news here:


Those who donated can eliminate "donationware" messages by putting the following section into Tranzistow.ini:

User=HrastProgrammer / Tranzistow - Donated

Those who didn't donate can do this as well because karma will catch up with them anyway.

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