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Testimonials and Reviews
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 9:37 am    Post subject: Testimonials and Reviews Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

Testimonials and Reviews

The event was well organized and everyone had a great time. I certainly enjoyed it, heard a lot of new music, and learned a lot! I think this will become one of the must-attend events in the east coast electronic music scene in the years to come. Howard and Greg did a tremendous job organizing everything and it came off very well, especially for the first year of the event.
    --- Eric Crawley

Three days of utterly fantastic music. The positive attitude and spirit of cooperation was contagious and inspirational to all. I believe this has been a milestone event for the community.
    --- Greg Waltzer

It was an amazing success. People came from all over the U.S. and parts of Europe to attend and perform. It brought together a lot of people of diverse musical background in an atmosphere where they could learn from one another. It was a lot of hard work on the part of the organizers, but it was well worth it. The quality of the music presented was consistently high.
    --- Scott Raymond (Secret Music)

I had a great time and met a lot of cool people doing interesting things. Hats off to Howard, Greg and everyone partcipating for putting on (and pulling off) a very cool conference.
    --- Chris Mandra (Katastatik)

Thank you for having me perform at the conference. I was only able to make it for the one night, but had a great time. It was nice to play for such an attentive and supportive audience. You did a wonderful job with organizing this thing. I can only imagine how difficult and stressful it was. Thank you for doing it. The repercussions will ring out for a long time to come.
    --- William Fields

Dude, people, this was awesome. Thank you everyone for being a part of this. Theres not much else I can say right now; I'm tired and hungover.
    --- Cliff Winton (Vostek)

I had an absolutely wonderful time all three days! People were great, performances were great, presentations were great! So much to see and hear in so little time.....I wasn't ready for it to be over. Thanx a bunch to Howard, Greg, and EVERYONE that helped put this event together- see you next year-? please!
    --- Jason Begin (Vytear)

Man Oh Man A Mosco "3 days of fun and Music And Nothing But Fun and Music" - Max Yasgur 1969 This culmination of minds and music was more than I could have ever hoped for or dreamed of .My aspirations as an electronic performer are all falling into place now. I give thanks to all the Performers,Organizers,Staff, Sound and Light personel,especially Bill Fox, Audience Members, Chef Jeff, and his helpers Ang and Flaky, Mama Julie, baby Sparky and the Mosc crew, The Cheltenham Arts Center for existing to have such a Festival /Conference. There was so much happening in the past 3 days I couldn't and still don't believe it all flowed without any serious hitches. We are One we are strong and only growing stronger. electro-music.com has grown so much in such a short amount of time and for all the world to know. It will only develop into a stronger community for our love of the Electronc Arts. Thank you ALL
    --- Michael Victor (Fringe Element)

I can't begin to express my gratitude, for the opportunity to have been included as a performer, in one of the most spectacular displays of talent ever assembled, simultaneously. I'll be forever grateful to Howard, Greg and all the staff, for exceding every expectation one could hope for at any event. Also, thanks to all the performers, demonstrators and the beer wenches. Especially, Joker Nies, Roland Kuit and Mike (Fringe Element) for jamming with me. I've never been made to feel more comfortable and accepted as a musician in my life. Having the great honor of performing with such intelligent and talented musicians has elevated me to realize many new avenues for my own future endeavors. I'd also like to thank, Wave World (Now known as the Kizz of Electronic Music) and Amaranth Signal - the boys from Tennesse, (Mike and Mark) for extending such wonderful comradery, to a complete stranger. You guys are awesome. Also, Thanks to Jon A. for Recording the sessions. I can't wait to hear them. I'm sure there's plenty I forgot, but the amount of sensory overload will take weeks, If not months to sort out. I can only say, I felt like Charlie, from Willie Wonka, when he won the golden ticket. Thanks, again !!! I have some great memories to last a life time. Why can't every day be electro-music Fest !!!!!
    --- Ed Aceto (Ace Paradise)

Thank you Greg! so much pleasure and inspriration! a fabulous event!
    --- Patrick Stacey (Homage to Ohm)

Michael and I had an amazing time at electro-music 2005. To Howard, Greg, Bill and others: you have raised the bar and have set new standards in how to organize and run an event such as this. And to all the participants: everyone was so friendly and giving. I feel like I have a new extended family.
    --- Mark Mahoney (The Amaranth Signal)

We waxed ecstatic the whole way home about all we learned and experienced and the good friends we.d made. The music, the refreshment, the venue, the people; all unforgettable! Thanks to Howard, Greg and Bill for pulling together an incredible team to coordinate everything, and for assembling the stellar list of performers and speakers.
    --- Jim Combs (Touchxtone)

This rocked!!!! To all that I had the fortune of meeting & hearing, I am honored. It was an education, a shot in the arm, a kick in the pants, and something I won't forget! Greg & Howard - you've done a great thing! Hope this happens again. Thank you to the organizers, staff, volunteers, beer wenches & the Cheltenham People. I am grateful for the hard work.
    --- Ben Stohr

My most sincere thanks to everyone who made this incredible event happen. The music was wonderful and inspiring, the technogeek stuff was a blast, the people were THE BEST. Howard, Greg, Bill, Chef Jeff, Jack (who drove lots of us back & forth from the hotel to the event and even way out to the airport & wouldn't even take gas money), the guys who supplied the visuals, all the people who offered the use of various audio gear, everyone who provided an enthusiastic audience even after they had severe headaches from three days of intense fun & noise, every performer who could have tried to act like a difficult primadonna but didn't, on and on and on. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It could not have been better. Bravo!
    --- Dave Peck

A fabulous weekend. Wish I'd had a chance to chat with more of you, and I wish there'd been time to see ALL the performances...
    --- Amy X Neuburg

We had a incredible great time at the event and the days after the event. I want to thank everybody for the fun we had and all the new friends we have met. Thanks for all the Music, Inspiration, Motivation, Fun, Beer, Great Food, Good Weather etc.
    --- Rolf van Slooten (Wave World)

I want to especially thank the organizers for doing a real fantastic job. This has been one of the best organized events I've been to! The good thing about a well-organized event is that everything flows so well and feels so natural that it is almost like all runs by itself. Truth is of course that an enormous amount of work must be behind all this to make it feel that way. So, three times chapeau to Howard, Greg, Bill and all the volunteers, you all did a terrific job!
    --- Rob Hordijk

I agree with Rob that this has been one of the best organized events I have ever visited / participated in, and big thanks go to Howard, Greg, Bill, and everyone else. I have made a lot of new friends, all people with a warm heart, and I already miss them now. I'm looking forward to the next meeting!
    --- Gert van Santen (Wave World)

Though my participation was more as a psychoacoustician and recording engineer than as an electronic musician (that was long ago), I agree this event was extraordinary. Howard and volunteers deserve an ovation. To many new friends, I hope to see you all again soon.
    --- Robin Miller

I would like to add another big THANK YOU to everyone. What a wonderful event it was, everything had that special atmosphere, people with warm hearts, a true new family! And to the organizers, yes please to all of you!! I have never seen an electronic or non-electronic music festival, where a new era was born, not sort of, no, a real new era I felt, based on such spirit, energy and positivism, this must go on! It felt like the start of a new éque with new dynamic people who believe in the strength of art, who apply the possibilities of technology in art in general, and the applications thereof in electronic music in particular. Yes, this never arrives too early: people with dedication and joy in making tomorrow even more artfully evolved than today, where realism and idealism are perfectly and beautifully merged! I fully agree with Rob, such event does not fall from the sky, it requires lots of preparation, persistence and energy. Once again: a whole-hearted THANK YOU to all of you!
    --- Harry Kessels (Wave World)

As the participants return to the many states and countries of their origin, they are spreading the word about this event as having been "historic." I am fortunate to know a colleague (in computer science) who is the son of the man who owned the art gallery in which the Dada movement was supposed to have originated. From his description of what his father observed, there seems to be a great similarity here, in that the participants and attendees of Electro- Music 2005 feel that something new was started -- the seeds of which had sprouted in many locations before this conference, but the coming-together at the Cheltenham Art Center may indeed mark a turning point for a new artistic genre that might be influential for years to come. I felt this spirit, and was glad to have experienced it and to have played a small role in this event.
    --- Rebecca Mercuri

Heartfelt thanks to all the E-M 2005 crew for a wonderful event. As many others have commented, the sense of community and of making new musical friends made this much more than a conventional festival. Many thanks to Howard for the invitation and to Greg also for accomodation, and to Cliff Winton for rides, Tim Thompson for concert visuals, Chef Jeff, Juli and Hong, Kate and Patty at Cheltenham Arts, and to Amaranth Signal, Orbital Decay, Katastatik, Dean Stiglitz and Fringe Element for musical collaborations, of which I hope there will be many more in the future... Here's to E-M 2006...
    --- Mark Jenkins

Thanks again for an astounding event last weekend. I don't expect to recover anytime soon. I'm excited about next year (whatever that may mean) and would love to be involved more deeply in planning and executing it.
    --- Steve Mokris (Project Ruori)

It's been a month now since the festival and I'd like to pay my respects to all that put their time, energy, and information into this festival. May there be many years of annual electro-music festivals to come, because it was truly amazing! The live performaces across the board were incredible, eclectic, and wild. The informational and instructional talks held my attention, blew my mind, and the minds of my bandmates! Cheers to all involved, especially Howard. I know you put your soul, spine, and backing into every crevice of this event, total props!
    --- Dave Marsalek (Trioizm)

Within the time of the first performance on Friday (and some of chef's food) I had already decided that the weekend was well worth the trip up from Atlanta. Seriously, the people I met, the music and talks I saw, were all absolutely fantastic, and unlike anything i've experienced. To have this all happening in one place in one time was great, and I can't wait to see it happen again. Cheers to everyone who set this up, contributed in some way, or just showed up to watch. It was good.
    --- Travis Thatcher (recompas)

I'd like to reiterate was a great time I had. It was life-changing and life-affirming in extremis. Everything from the Chef's catering to the helpful staff and atmosphere of respect and curiosity made this one of the best experiences of my life. I feel truly part of a strong and vibrant community, now. Thanks, again, to all who made this possible, and I'm really looking forward to next time!
    --- Matt

It was a fabulous experience. The event seems like a dream to me now, a most pleasant and life affirming dream to be sure. Two people told me it was the most inspriational weekend in their life. One was a performer and one was a local person that came out of curiosity and spent virtually every minute there. This is tremendous - how can one ask for more than that?
    --- Howard Moscovitz

Beautifully run in spite of a demanding schedule of events. Continuous variety and positive energy. Regular discovery of terrific musicians you've never heard of before, but become an instant fan of. Enough time to relax and enjoy friendships new and old. A joy to participate in and witness. Kudos to Howard, Greg, Bill, and all involved.
    --- Tim Thompson

What a great group of individuals. The facility was excellent and well coordinated by Howard and Greg. So many thanks go out to several for making this an unforgettable event. Many new friends were made that have given me new insight and new ways to approach my music. I can't thank you enough for the enlightening experience. I wish you all the best in your future endevours and offer my utmost support.
    --- Michael Peck (Amaranth Signal)
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