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G2 Patch Archive Listing
9 entries found.
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  Patch File      Date    Poster    Forum    Topic 
Semi-Auto Seq ver 2.pch2
[see]Mar 7, 11SinuosityG2 Building BlocksKnob Sequencer
[see]Jun 12, 12SinuosityG2 Building BlocksPattern Rotator
Note Retranslator.pch2
Note Retranslator
[see]Jan 15, 08SinuosityG2 Building BlocksNote Retranslator
[see]Apr 22, 11SinuosityG2 Building BlocksPattern Rotator
NRPN rec.pch2
[see]Jun 12, 12SinuosityG2 Building BlocksNRPN Knob Movement Recording & Playing
EQ Meter.pch2
load at Slot A
[see]Dec 26, 09SinuosityG2 Performances - ExperimentalEQ-meter (Spectral Analyser)
[see]Aug 17, 20SinuosityG2 Performances - NoodlesEndlessness Generator
[see]Dec 20, 09SinuosityG2 Performances - NoodlesHeartbeat
N - from - One.pch2
Pseudo Morph Groups Example patch
[see]Sep 6, 07SinuosityNord Modular G2 DiscussionMorph Groups Question

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