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G2 Patch Archive Listing
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Stripped-down version of Tim Kleinert's patch, with only the MonoKey mode
[see]Sep 21, 11gosmithG2 FAQSwitch between mono/poly within patch?
[see]Jan 31, 21gosmithG2 Patches - ExperimentalKey-Synced(?) Arpeggiator using Modules
Key Quants.prf2
G2 performance with 4 patches, each generating random ambient pitches and rhythms and each having a few variations.
[see]Jul 13, 20gosmithG2 Performances - ExperimentalKey Quants
Chris Squire's Bass, Steve Howe's Steel and Clean Flanged Electric guitars, plus a "Jon Vocoder", for Yes's Tales from Topographic Oceans
[see]Jan 14, 21gosmithG2 Performances - CompletedSquireBass+HoweSteel for The Ancient + Ritual clean electric

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