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G2 Patch Archive Listing
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Death Synth.pch2
Gritty digital sequencer/synth based on DSPerado's Death Synth. No filters, no envelopes.
[see]Nov 30, 05tombolaSynthDeath Synth
Evolver Control.pch2
[see]Oct 15, 05tombolaExternal ControlDSI Evolver 3.0 Controller
MuRF MF-105 v2.pch2
An attempt to model the Moogerfooger MuRF - eight sequenced resonant bandpass filters. Unfortunately, NMG2 v.1.32 does not have any facility for accurately modelling hardwood end panels.
[see]Oct 18, 05tombolaAudio InModel of Moogerfooger MuRF pedal
beatbox evolved.pch2
After mutation
[see]Jan 22, 06tombolaNord Modular G2 DiscussionMutator is way better at drum programming than me...
my first beatbox.pch2
Before mutation
[see]Jan 22, 06tombolaNord Modular G2 DiscussionMutator is way better at drum programming than me...
5-band resonators, based on the effect in Ableton Live
[see]Jul 1, 06tombolaAudio InResonators
feedback test.pch2
PLEASE WATCH YOUR EARS - GETS VERY LOUD Nasty test of feedback in an 8-way delay line, which seems to cut out when levels get too hot. It's like a virtual fuse has blown...
[see]Nov 12, 05tombolaG2 Patches - ExperimentalWhy does this patch cut out?
drum recreator.pch2
My very primitive drum recreator patch. Put four individual drum sounds into the four inputs. Ch6 on the mixer is clean, so make sure that's down, or you'll think this really is a miracle.
[see]Jul 13, 06tombolaG2 Patches - ExperimentalWow! The G2 amazes me
Sequenced ring mod, inspired by Zvex Ringtone pedal.
[see]Jul 24, 06tombolaAudio InZvex Ringtone pedal emulation

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