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Brother James' Air Air - J L Macbeth Bain - Sung by [Vocaloid Avanna]
6.39 MBAug 26, 13[Q]General DiscussionSong synthesis
a quick sketch [feat: Avanna] a Vocaloid 3 http://avanna-vocaloid.com/
3.16 MBAug 4, 13[Q]Online MusicJack And ....
[Q] - Jack And Jill [feat: Megpoid English] http://www.ssw.co.jp/en/products/vocal3/megpoid/index.html
9.41 MBJul 26, 13[Q]Online MusicJack And ....
machines feedback...
81.72 MBJul 18, 13[Q]Online Musicmachines feedback
[Q]_-_Brasil The Longest Night.mp3
[Q] - Brasil The Longest Night
3.54 MBJun 21, 13[Q]Online MusicThe Longest Night
alien_transmissions #029 [Voyager has left the building] - incorporated a field recording by remst8
39.41 MBApr 26, 13[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #028 [alienscape] - incorporated a field recording by remst8 and a track by jfox
94.66 MBMar 16, 13[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
It has been two years since The Great East Japan Earthquake of 3.11 jfox - remnant 2
45.81 MBMar 11, 13[Q]Online Musicremnant - for the people of Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
alien_transmissions #027 [numbers station] - incorporating field recordings by Jack_Hertz and remst8 from the electro-music.com field recording archive.
41.26 MBJan 25, 13[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #026 [pig] [patch]
41.12 MBJan 18, 13[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #025 [new cycle] - incorporating field recordings by Jack_Hertz and remst8 from the electro-music.com field recording archive.
82.64 MBJan 4, 13[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions 024 [WE ARE COMING!][ETA 2012-2012]
78.64 MBDec 19, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
rain - is the sound of rain plus the drips of an overflowing gutter on the second floor. Towards the end a plane passes by.
73.21 MBNov 22, 12[Q]Field recordingsrain
wet_road - is the sound of traffic passing by on a wet road. Also rain and water dripping.
57.57 MBNov 22, 12[Q]Field recordingsrain
alien_transmissions #023 [minimal] - used a pd loop-player.
41.13 MBNov 20, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #022 [mutations] - used a pd loop-player.
35.81 MBNov 9, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #021 [sound check] - streamed on port 8118.
11.19 MBOct 28, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #021 [live mix] - used a pd loop-player.
41.29 MBOct 28, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #020 [live alien experiments] - used a G2 and a pd loop-player.
41.51 MBOct 21, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #020 [sound check] - streamed on port 8118
15.89 MBOct 21, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #019 [alien experiments] - G2, MPC1000's, BlueBox and MidiVerb
39.67 MBOct 12, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #018 [-] - G2, MPC1000's, BlueBox and MidiVerb
31.99 MBOct 5, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
cc20 - sequence ON 02
5.54 MBSep 27, 12[Q]Online Musiclast of the [summer] wine
cc20 - sequence ON 01
7.5 MBSep 27, 12[Q]Online Musiclast of the [summer] wine
alien_transmissions [eQuinoctial observances] [reseQuenced]
39.51 MBSep 23, 12[Q]Streaming Radio StationEqual nights event .. or was the days more equal?
alien_transmissions #017 [alien experiments] - This session used a G2, MPC1000's, BlueBox and MidiVerb for Fx.
34.97 MBSep 21, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #016 [experimental] - This session used a MPC1000 and a G2 for Fx.
35.12 MBSep 7, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
[Q] - Black Rain.mp3
data withheld - residual effects denied - Black Rain fell on 13,000
38.07 MBSep 1, 12[Q]Online MusicBlack Rain
This transmission is dedicated to memory of Neil Armstrong. The first man to walk on two worlds.
32.48 MBAug 31, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #014 [alien experiments] - a G2 sequenced by RedBox
38.65 MBAug 24, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #013 [noodle] - This session used a G2.
33.59 MBAug 17, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions 012 [OOOOO] - G2 sequenced by RedBox.
31.34 MBJul 27, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions 011 [experimental] - G2 sequenced by a Pd patch.
32.1 MBJul 20, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions 010 [Friday 13th] - G2 sequenced by a Pd patch.
30.43 MBJul 13, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #009 [experimental] - G2 sequenced by a Pd patch.
40.66 MBJul 6, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #008 [experimental] - This session used a G2 and a midi file [for control changes].
40.35 MBJun 15, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
cc20 - sequence ON - sequenced G2.
11.23 MBJun 10, 12[Q]Online Musiccc20 - sequence ON
alien_transmissions #007 [experimental] - This session used a G2, manually controlled by a Pd patch and a field recording.
41.18 MBJun 8, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #006 [experimental] - This session used a G2 and a Pd patch. [The signal is panned hard right for the first 2 minutes!]
41.18 MBJun 1, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
This session used a G2 driven by a Pd patch followed by a MidiVerb.
82.52 MBMay 25, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #004 [soft noise] - made using a simplified version of fmFeedback.pd by noizeHack
39.28 MBMay 18, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #003 [field recording & collage] WARNING! This is VERY LOUD in places!
82.49 MBMay 11, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #002 [from the archive] - This session is from the archives as the new patch is not yet ready. KV007 is an interim recording on MiniDisc from around 2006 ish.The finished track was released as Experimental Compositions Vol.3 by jfox. T
57.5 MBMay 4, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
alien_transmissions #001 [generative] A generative session in Pd, using a single oscillator and a sample chopper. Midi was provided by Noatikl and a touch of tape echo by Midiverb. Oh and tweaking by alien appendages. A No Refunds Production for electro-
82.39 MBApr 27, 12[Q]Streaming Radio Stationalien_transmissions
This piece was live coded in ChucK. [Q] - Dystopia Part 17
22.35 MBMar 25, 12[Q]Online Musicdystopia
winter solstice.flac
[Q] - Winter Solstice a piece for G2, Lap Steel and E-Bow
22.72 MBDec 18, 11[Q]Online MusicWinter Solstice
[Q] - volutpat.flac
A generative piece for G2 and MPC1000.
38.06 MBDec 11, 11[Q]Online Musicvolutpat
[Q] - passing clouds A Soundscape for Field Recording and Steinway. It features a stunning field recording by Shane Morris...
23.59 MBNov 17, 11[Q]Online Musicpassing clouds
cinq - a piece for Blofeld and Audacity
4.6 MBAug 26, 11[Q]Online Musiccinq
Times Are They A Changin.mp3
This is a piece for G2, sax and piano.. Times Are They A Changin
11.92 MBAug 7, 11[Q]Online MusicTimes Are They A Changin?
A my27.mp3
A short piece for sax and micro-tuned piano A my27
2.44 MBJul 25, 11[Q]Online MusicNew Track
Live Street Mic and Microtonal Piano [Radio Edit]
5.3 MBJul 12, 11[Q]Online MusicOut My Window
Live Street Mic and Microtonal Piano
27.3 MBJul 12, 11[Q]Online MusicOut My Window
Q - Broken Headchip.mp3
Q - Broken Headchip
7.63 MBJun 12, 11[Q]Online MusicHeadchip
[Q] - 06.mp3
[Q] - 06
6.04 MBMay 16, 11[Q]Online Music06
Blue Hell [Q] - silly lil noise.mp3
Blue Hell [Q] - silly lil noise
54.94 MBFeb 1, 11[Q]Online MusicBlue Hell [Q] - silly lil noise
Q - friday no blues.mp3
Q - friday no blues
62.15 MBJan 15, 11[Q]Online Musicfriday no blues
Q - Hessdalen.mp3
Q - Hessdalen
7.03 MBNov 8, 10[Q]Online MusicHessdalen
Q - rgb003.mp3
This is a short track recorded live on The Open Channel by Q Q - rgb003
6.21 MBOct 16, 10[Q]Online MusicNew [short] Track
Q - noise - PHOBoS - Binaural Rain.mp3
This was broadcast on the Open Channel today. It features the above excellent field recording (binaural) Rain recording by PHOBoS plus noise by Q. Q - noise - PHOBoS - Binaural Rain
54.94 MBOct 9, 10[Q]Field recordings(binaural) Rain recording
Q - blaughr.mp3
Here's another short track by Q Q - blaughr
5.76 MBOct 2, 10[Q]Online MusicShort Track
Q - xxxs.mp3
Here's a short track by Q Q - xxxs
3.51 MBSep 29, 10[Q]Online MusicShort Track
Q - poodle [02].mp3
Here is a recording of a noodle that was on streaming radio. It is not a true noodle as it was tweeked/mixed live. Q - poodle [02]
54.93 MBSep 21, 10[Q]Online Musicpoodle
Q - noodle 20100913.mp3
This noodle was recorded live on radio.electro-music on the Open Channel on 09-13-2010 http://electro-music.com/radio/listen_8056.m3u Q - noodle 20100913
116.72 MBSep 16, 10[Q]Online Musicnoodle
Q - 20100908 1312.mp3
Q - 20100908 1312
55.84 MBSep 9, 10[Q]Online MusicLive Looping

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