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A Winter's Dream by Mark Mahoney
54.65 MBFeb 1, 10MohoyohoStreaming Radio StationA WINTER'S DREAM : AN EVENING OF AMBIENT MUSIC 2
Mark Mahoney Improv New Years Eve for Electro-music.com.mp3
Mark Mahoney improv set for NYE 09
24.24 MBJan 2, 10MohoyohoStreaming Radio Station[2009-2010] Post your NYE streaming event sets here!
Here's my set from Sept. 19.
27.8 MBSep 20, 09MohoyohoStreaming Radio StationAUTUMNAL EQUINOX 2009 STREAMING CONCERT Sept.19 Sat.
53.09 MBJun 25, 09MohoyohoStreaming Radio StationMark Mahoney--Space Port Zero Nine 6/19/09--Radio Show
Initial Launch.mp3
Michael used some samples of Sputnik's radio beeps and a news broadcast of the event.
6.91 MBOct 8, 07MohoyohoOnline MusicMahoney & Peck Live track
MuRF mangling a simple mono drone and producing it in stereo.
2.28 MBMay 30, 06MohoyohoGeneral DiscussionMuRF Audio Sample
Simplified Frankenstien.
279.18 KBDec 23, 05MohoyohoGeneral DiscussionRack mount VA for filter sweeps (Like Edgar's Arp2600 patch)
Cross modulation sequence on Moog Modular V2
292.65 KBOct 21, 05MohoyohoModular SynthesisCross-Modulation

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