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Random in note and apprearance, but not in beat. And a common stupid drum machine added. But I tried to do a piano jazz part. conducted by the random generators and logic modules of the G2
3.98 MBDec 17, 08PerCompositionComputer Generated Music Contest
G2, Doepfer and Roland mainly. All sounds are 100 % recyceled.
9.8 MBMay 12, 08PerCompositionSimple tool
D djungel3.mp3
A typical modular theme. A mix of FM and CV through the Doepfer squencer.
3.77 MBApr 20, 08PerModular SynthesisModular Synthesizer Pictures
08 mix1.3.mp3
A piece of music. Nord G2 and Nord Wave for the overdubs, with Korg Electribe bass drum.
6.46 MBApr 9, 08PerCompositionwhen do you know a composition is finished?
NM sample.mp3
G2 + NW in the overdubs
2.16 MBApr 3, 08PerGear NewsNord Wave review
tweaked NW
4.15 MBFeb 11, 08PerNord Lead and Nord Wave synthstweaked wave sounds
ramp test.mp3
925.89 KBDec 20, 06PerGear NewsAnalogue Gear News # 9

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