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this is a live performance of this tune i did live at Uncle Paul's Toilet Rave. the people gave me a recording of the performance so apologies as it's only a casual thing, there's some level clipping and it's in mono. apart from that, you get the idea.
2.88 MBMar 25, 07Stanley PainG2 Performances - Completedcoming 2 a head
freak speed LIVE.mp3
7.53 MBSep 26, 06Stanley PainG2 Performances - Completedfreak on the floor
are we in tune.mp3
left it recording for 10 minutes and cropped this from it.
3.89 MBAug 28, 06Stanley PainG2 Performances - Completedare we in tune
megajackson LIVE.mp3
recorded "live" just changing from patch to patch in Global. when in Global, check out the B parameter page.
3.73 MBAug 26, 06Stanley PainG2 Performances - Completedmegajackson
holders of power stanley pain mix.mp3
4 MBAug 16, 06Stanley PainG2 Performances - Completed8-bit boss music
wouldn't it be nice.mp3
ok... no word yet so i'll post. :)
5.13 MBAug 15, 06Stanley PainG2 Performances - Completedwouldn't it be nice?
rectacular spectacular.mp3
mp3 of a live performance. not perfected by any stretch of the imagination!
3.4 MBAug 1, 06Stanley PainG2 Performances - Completedrectacular spectacular
cling film duck LIVE.mp3
5.49 MBJun 28, 06Stanley PainG2 Performances - Completedcling film duck
go lightly live.mp3
supposed to sound like this. trying to write an uplifting anthem type thing.
5.55 MBJun 25, 06Stanley PainG2 Performances - Completedgo lightly
Geisha Static 2 live.mp3
live improv. i'm probably going to add more realtime controls. i don't think the piece holds up simply switching between variations. still, i'm happy with the timbres.
7 MBJun 6, 06Stanley PainG2 Performances - CompletedGeisha Static 2

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