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9.85 MBOct 13, 17wackelpeterOnline Musicsome "nature" sounds with DIY modular synth
4.3 MBJul 3, 16wackelpeterThomas Henry designsPost Your Thomas Henry Sound Samples and Compositions Here
Sub Oscillator test
3.34 MBJan 25, 16wackelpeterDIY Hardware and Softwaresh101 Subosc help please
short impro/live jam recorded wihtout overdubs, including a lot of my modules and no external sound sources. Only Microbrute is happily sequencing and providing gate and CV for one voice, the rest is clocked via it's LFO out that is synced to the sequence
5.85 MBNov 15, 15wackelpeterDIY Hardware and Software2015 Build Pictures
535.34 KBFeb 24, 15wackelpeterDIY Hardware and SoftwareFritz chaos circuit
slighlty the same as above but both VCO modulating each other and jerkster controlled by lfo
703.3 KBFeb 24, 15wackelpeterDIY Hardware and SoftwareFritz chaos circuit
noodling on my box with some delay added... Modules involved: VCA, 2VCO, Steiner VCF, EMS VCF, Slope Detector, 2xVCS, ADSR, 2Mixer, Joystick Controller, LFO as clock & MS20 Keyboard... well it's not V/Oct but when you didn't Play over a few octaves i
1.67 MBFeb 21, 15wackelpeterDIY Hardware and Software2015 Build Pictures
Sounds a bit like Kraftwerk's Autobahn on a slippery road with a whole lot of crashs and car body damage :D
3.71 MBFeb 14, 15wackelpeterDIY Hardware and SoftwareFritz chaos circuit
short demo recorded through mic of my notebook... not the best Sound possible with my notebook and mostly too much reso turned on...
695.54 KBNov 13, 14wackelpeterThe layout factoryCraig Anderton Hip Bass Drum PCB
another sample of this simple pattern generator
1.34 MBMar 20, 14wackelpeterLunettas - circuits inspired by Stanley LunettaLet's see your Lunetta!

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