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the ambiguous nouns - hibaku
13.66 MBMar 27, 05zynthetixOnline Musicthe Ambiguous Nouns - hibaku
the ambiguous nouns - fugu (live)
7.17 MBMar 25, 05zynthetixConcerts and Festivalsthe Ambiguous Nouns @ jtp
MP3 example of guitarsynth.pch2
194.71 KBMar 10, 05zynthetixAudio InGuitarSynth
recording of reaktor noodle: 4 logistic eq's, each with different constants and their own sampler. The same sample is being triggered in all 4, two strums of a dom7 chord on an acoustic guitar. The eq's are also set up to cross modulate the pitches, st
1.15 MBJan 16, 05zynthetixG2 Patches - ExperimentalA Chaotic LFO
Recording of the GranularEFX Nord G2 patch created by Rob Hordijk
1.22 MBDec 1, 04zynthetixNord Modular G2 DiscussionProspective G2 buyer.
34.06 KBNov 24, 04zynthetixSchmoozeTreknobabble Generator
Recording of a Nord G2 performance file. The G2 file is available in the patch archive under the same name.
4.66 MBNov 16, 04zynthetixOnline Musichibaku
chaos system triggering sine, sqr, tri, saw waves thru a crossfade
275.36 KBOct 7, 04zynthetixReaktorFeigenbaum's Chaotic Ecosystem - Macro
60kbs quality mp3 of chaos2.ens for reaktor. 4 "chaos" control knob adjustments every several seconds for a total of 40 seconds.
318.91 KBOct 6, 04zynthetixReaktorFeigenbaum's Chaotic Ecosystem - Macro
desultory droll dribble.mp3
7.46 MBJul 12, 04zynthetixOnline Musicdesultory droll dribble

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