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Play LOUD!!!
4.73 MBSep 19, 05v-un-vHow-tosGetting Started - Gear
Zoom 1201 abuse.mp3
2.36 MBSep 18, 05v-un-vHow-tosGetting Started - Gear
Polyphon Movement.m4a
3.8 MBJun 28, 05v-un-vIntroduce YourselfIntroducing myself :)
telefunken TT3.m4a
4.06 MBJun 29, 05v-un-vIntroduce YourselfIntroducing myself :)
passive ring mod.mp3
1.68 MBJul 26, 05v-un-vMusicFromOuterSpace.com designs by Ray WilsonPassive Ring Modulator sample
Dialogue for Man and Machine.mp3
2.38 MBFeb 7, 06v-un-vSchmoozeBored
1-01 The Swedish Rhapsody [G2A].mp3
3.94 MBDec 5, 06v-un-vDIY Hardware and SoftwareNew Device: Ghost Talker.
Tele_Funken - I Am Dead.mp3
All Nord Micro, some Averb in Logic Audio
4.59 MBApr 3, 07v-un-vNM Classic (NM1 or G1)"I am Dead". A track entilely done on my Nord Micro
322.88 KBApr 24, 07v-un-vSchmoozeBBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire forum
Yo, mazafaka!.mp3
969.06 KBDec 11, 07v-un-vSchmoozeYo, mazafaka!
21-06-09 Ladypool Road.mp3
938.32 KBJun 24, 09v-un-vField recordingsPakistan wins the cricket test- 21-06-08
621.79 KBJul 30, 09v-un-vSchmoozeA view from my caravan window
The Voice of Energy.ogg
This track is called "The Voice of Energy" (yep- Kraftwerk check here ;) ). The track was originally released as a very limited edition 7" single on Static Caravan records (http://www.staticcaravan.org/) about 8 years ago. Almost all the so
2.75 MBSep 1, 09v-un-viOS - iPad/Phone/Pod etcSpotify gets approved for the iPhone

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