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1.31 MBMay 8, 08a.b.o.z.Klee sequencerA collection of Klee musics
mt-260 bend.mp3
250.61 KBMar 12, 07a.b.o.z.Circuit Bendingcasio mt-260 probing
1.95 MBJun 24, 07a.b.o.z.MusicFromOuterSpace.com designs by Ray Wilsonsoundlab day 1
xr klee.mp3
1.02 MBJun 17, 08a.b.o.z.Thomas Henry designsXR-VCO build report and praise!
1.15 MBAug 12, 08a.b.o.z.DIY Hardware and SoftwarePS3100 Resonators 2008
177.71 KBApr 25, 08a.b.o.z.SchmoozeE-M mobile ringtones
Untitled Rendered.wav
1.85 MBAug 12, 08a.b.o.z.DIY Hardware and SoftwarePS3100 Resonators 2008

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