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simple sound switching polarity
897.83 KBMar 10, 10dorremifasolNord Modular G2 Discussioncan you hear saw up & down differences?
plg150-an filter.mp3
plg150-an filter sweep
1.01 MBNov 11, 07dorremifasolNord Modular G2 DiscussionGood CEM filter simulation
rough glide.wav
rough glide
1.4 MBDec 10, 08dorremifasolNord Modular G2 DiscussionIs this normal?
Noise from the USB connection. First silence, then connection with the regular cable, next, disconnection, and lastly connection again with the "trick" enabled.
2.16 MBOct 7, 11dorremifasolBugsnoises on G2X out with usb cable connected
g2 march.mp3
g2 march
653.29 KBDec 27, 06dorremifasolNord Modular G2 DiscussionPersevering with the G2
sim ghost.mp3
mp3 demo of the 3 variations...
1.97 MBOct 10, 09dorremifasolFantasysim ghost
Nord Rack 3 unison problem.mp3
unison problem test
803.1 KBNov 30, 13dorremifasolNord Lead and Nord Wave synthsWeird problem with Nord Rack 3 unison (faulty RAM?)

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