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    Albums / Albums

    The lost forum photo gallery

    Several albums that were restored from the photo gallery we once had at All of the layout and captions seem to have been lost, so things were restyled a bit; some work still needs to be done.

    Some pictures for the 2008 / 2009 New Year's Eve event.

    One of our regular streaming radio events. Several people from all overt the world join up around the radio and the chat to stream their music. A typical event may last for 12 hours or more.

    The electro-music 2008 event

    Pictures from the fourth episode of the yearly gathering.

    2007 Chateau Sonore

    A gathering of mad sound scientists at Chateau Frandeux in Belgium.

    The electro-music 2007 event

    Pictures from the third episode of the yearly gathering.

    The electro-music 2006 event

    Pictures from the second episode of the yearly gathering.

    Other events

    Pictures from some older gatherings

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