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  • One needs be a forum member to be able to edit pages, or to upload attachments.
  • One needs be a member of the forum admin group for some other tasks, like changing access rights.
  • Please contact Blue Hell or EdisonRex through a forum PM (or one of us may be in the Chat Room), or use the chat page here if you want to be a member of the WikiAdmin forum group.

the rules


Before posting articles please have a look at the basic editing topic, it explains the basic markup for creating a page and on the second page it explains how to make a new wiki page.

Wiki pages are grouped; as you can see at the top of this page this page is the page Wiki Help in the group Help. As a page author you decide what group your page will end up in by using the notation GroupName.PageName or GroupName/PageName. To keep a little structure in the wiki please consider the group name for your article.

The dot (.) and slash (/) characters should be avoided in group and page names .. it'll mess things up.

Some special pages to assist in browsing the Wiki


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