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Conditions of Use

This web site,, is open to the public for the purpose of fostering a community of musicians, artists and those that appreciate their creative works. We believe that trust and respect is required for this to thrive.

We expect that all reviews and postings will be in good taste and respectful. We reserve the right to edit or remove any postings that we feel are inconsistent with these values. We reserve the right to cancel any account as well.

The wiki is not meant to be used for advertizement or promotional activities, any such use will result in a site wide ban.

It is possible to post media (music and images) and links to these on the forums or the wiki. Do not post any media, text, software or engineering diagrams for which you do not own the copyright or license, unless you know that rights are in the public domain or when you got expressed consent from the copyright holder. This prohibition includes remixes of the works of other artists. Please acknowledge the source of all material appropriately.

By uploading music and/or sound recordings on the forum of or to this wiki, permission is implicitly granted to to play such media on the site's streaming radio service hosted on The information placed in the Description field of the forum's attachment mechanism will appear on the page when the file is streamed.

Content here is for the private use of our members and our audience. Unless otherwise expressly indicated all media, text, software, recordings, patches and other content posted on may not be duplicated, redistributed, or republished, either directly or indirectly, without the written authorization of the contributing member (poster) and an editor of The editors of will not grant such authorization without the consent of the content's owner. All rights are retained by the original copyright holders.

Disclaimer: This is an open artists' community. Posts to the forums and the wiki are not preapproved. The editors can not be responsible for the content of every post. We can not guarantee that all of the information found here is correct or suitable for whatever purposes it may be used. The comments, reviews and opinions found here are the responsibility of the members who post them. If you are aware of material that is posted inappropriately, please let us know by registering as a user of the forum and leave a private message (PM) for mosc, Blue Hell or EdisonRex.

It is also possible to use the Discuss link on the wiki pages to leave a message in a page's -Talk section.

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