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    Radio / Air Your Tracks
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    How to have your tracks being played on

    There are a couple of radio shows dedicated to playing found music - as opposed to to being a concert, or the host playing his own music. There also are some playlists that your music could become a part of.

    The easy way to get airplay is to post your track into the online music section on the forum. It will then be a candidate for ending up in a playlist and it may be spotted by one of the program makers as well. But, for this to happen you will need to attach your music to a forum post.

    Another way is to contact one of the radio hosts and ask them to play your songs.

    It is also possible to have your music on the playlist without people being able to download the tracks - they can be stored into the non-downloadable music section which allows the music to be in a playlist so it can be aired, yet it will not be able for people to download the music. You will need to contact a forum admin about this to have a special 'non downloadable music' forum section to be made for you.

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