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Radio: Broadcasting Info

Radio broadcasting

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Show formats

There are a couple of radio show formats available.

General information

You are only allowed to broadcast material that you own the copyrights for, or material for which the copyright owner gave you explicit permission, or material that is in the public domain. Permission can be as simple as the material having been published under a permissive license (like Creative Commons), or as complicated as negotiating a deal with the copyright holder.

In the latter case you should contact a stream operator to discuss your plans.

Streaming audio on works with some server side software and some client side software. To be able to stream on our server you will need some client software on your computer. Our servers use the SHOUTcast model, your client will have to be compatible with that.

To be able to stream successfully a couple of things must be working. There is a connection component (your client to our server), an audio setup component (where does the audio come from on your computer) and a PR component (how your broadcast will be announced).

For more details on this see the Connection Details section.

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