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Radio: Open Port Streaming has an open port feature which can be used by anyone to broadcast their music through our streaming radio server.

As a streamer there are some rules to keep in mind, and the set of rules likely will change as we gain experience with the medium.

There is a management tool for the open port to be found here. The username and password for that page are both 'public' - without the quotes.

The management tool has an MOTD feature, a message that will be shown on all forum pages. It is okay to set an MOTD when you have a show running on the open port, or for a short test to see how it works - to clear the message make it all empty and then beam it up.

It may sometimes happen that someone is streaming while you would like to stream. In that case please visit the Chat Room to coordinate things ... when that does not work there is a kick tool to gain access to the open port, but please do not use it, unless there is no other way.

The management page has the kick links.

When you use the kick for the first time it will ask you for a user name and a password both being public (literally). After you clicked ok on that screen the kick will be effectuated immediately without any further warning. When you had enter username and password before it will not ask you for those again, and clicking the link above will immediately kick the current streamer off the public port ... so don't use it as a toy please.

For any questions please post a message in this forum thread, or go to the Chat Room, likely there will be someone around there to help out.

Have fun!

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