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Radio / Program Guide
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Regular shows

Our regular shows


Muied Lumens
Monday weekly:
21:00 GMT 60 min.

Frequencies is an ongoing exploration in musical sound using anything from found sounds to open ended software platforms. Using an eclectic approach to improvisation, Rob makes use of varied tools and instruments in order to find new sonic horizons, and cross them. There is no destination.

More details about Frequencies and downloads to previous shows can be found here.

Adventures in Sound

Monday every other week:
22:00 GMT 60 min.

Jez or Rob's Adventures In Sound is a fortnightly radio show at it airs every other Wednesday at 23:00 GMT (or GMT-1 during Daylight Saving Time).

The original idea was that Rob and Jez do alternate weeks, but Rob is unable to participate at the moment. Jez's sets are generally live improvisations, mostly ambient, sometimes experimental, sometimes more tonal, usually a bit noisy, exploring whatever sounds he can get from whatever stuff he has hooked up that week.

There are downloads with details, pictures and commentary in this thread at electro-music.

There's a full list of all Jez's episodes of Adventures In Sound here
and more details of Jez's sets in this thread at his Modulator ESP forum here.

Chez Mosc

Howard Moscovitz
Bill Fox
Saturday weekly:
23:00 GMT 60 min.

This is a program of almost exclusively live music streamed from the studios at Chez Mosc, the home of's founder Howard Moscovitz. Mosc invites visiting musicians to come over and engage in musical collaboration.

On most Saturdays, Mosc's good friend and musical collaborator Bill Fox comes over. Together, Bill and Mosc are known as Twyndyllyngs. Together they have performed at many electronic music venues in the United States and Canada. Their music is improvisational. It can range for sleepy space music to very energetic experimental noise music.

Howard and Bill - Twyndyllyngs with Mosc's old timey Moog Modular model 2C.

Sometimes a special guest will show up to either perform separately, or in a collaboration with Bill and Mosc. The show has a following of many people who regularly tune in. Many participate in the Chat Room when the program is on the air.

There is a forum topic about the Chez Mosc program here - there are several photos and quite a few recordings of previous programs. If you tune in and have a comment, please join that topic.

Chez Mosc on after a snow in Pennsylvania - once very common, but now-a-days a rare event.

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