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    Schematics / BUCHL Aesque Voltage Processor By Fonitronik

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    2013-02-24 17:38 [UTC-7] by Blue Hell -
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    [[!DIY]] | [[!Voltage Processor]] | [[!Buchla]] | [[!Fonik]] | [[!Chris MacDonald]]
    [[!DIY]] | [[!Voltage Processing]] | [[!Buchla]] | [[!Fonik]] | [[!Chris MacDonald]]
    2013-02-24 12:46 [UTC-7] by Blue Hell -
    Added lines 1-3:
    [[!DIY]] | [[!Voltage Processor]] | [[!Buchla]] | [[!Fonik]] | [[!Chris MacDonald]]

    2013-01-31 15:18 [UTC-7] by Blue Hell -
    Added lines 1-12:
    BUCHLAesque - Voltage Processor by Fonitronik and originally based on a Chris MacDonald design modified by Peter Grenader .From Fonik's site : This module incorporates two buchlaidian types of voltage and audio processing.

    The CD processor is designed to give Buchlidian type processing for control voltages. Two channels, both with manual +/-processing, offset & glide controls. This circuit was originally based on a Chris MacDonald design modified by Peter Grenader. Besides some minor changes i incorporated a lag pot, a trimmer for calibration of a center taped pot (+/-processing) and there's a resistor missing in the original schematic to bring the LEDs to live.
    BTW wiring the offset pot between the supply rails gives you the possibility of negative offset, too... link :





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