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Schematics: Bi-N-Tic Filter By Ken Stone

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Bi-N-Tic Filter by Ken Stone from there : This is a strange mixture of a VCO and a switched capacitor filter based on the filter presented by Jan Hall in Electronotes. If you are after something different, this fits the bill. After all, how many filters have a sync input?

This filter is based on the original idea by Jan Hall, as presented in Electronotes EN92 P14-15, which was in turn based on an idea in a 1974 issue of Electronic Design on a Biquart (twice the order) filter.

A VCO drives a pair of analog switches, switching two banks of eight 0.047uF (47nF) capacitors across op-amps (effectively creating multiple integrators), and this a multi-passband or comb filter is created at f0, f1, f2 etc.. The overall filter configuration itself should be easily recognized. Two controls are provided within the structure of the filter - damping and bandwidth. Not all combinations of these two are actually valid, some resulting in silence, but none the less, quite an array of variations is possible.

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