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    Schematics / Phase Shifter

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    DIY | Phase Shifter | CV | Phaser | Filter | Nyle Steiner | Synthasystem

    Phase Shifter by Nyle Steiner as part of the Synthasystem , project page for this module as at analog realities with more details ,bill of materials ,pcb and construction guide . The following description is taken from the original Synthasystem manual :

    The Phaser is a sound modifier. It consists of several networks in series which will shift the phase of a signal a certain amount for any given frequency. The Phaser is equipped with a knob which can cause the output to be all shifted signal, all straight unaltered signal, or anything in between.

    The amount of shift, FOR A GIVEN FREQUENCY, can be varied with the frequency knob and/or with a voltage fed into the V.C. input jack.

    The most popular use of the phaser involves equally mixing the input signal with the phase shifted signal (knob in the midway or straight-up position). For a particular setting of the frequency knob, certain frequencies will be in phase with the input signal and will add to the overall output level. Others will be exactly out of phase and will cancel each other, leaving no output at that frequency. Still others will fall in between these two extremes of enhancement and cancellation. These points of enhancement and cancellation can be shifted across the entire audio spectrum (range) by turning the frequency knob and/or by a voltage fed into the V.C. input.

    Another use involves running the input signal straight thru the Phaser without combining it with any of the input signal (pot all the way clockwise). during the time that the phase is being shifted, a pitch change is perceived. Therefore a vibrato or warbling effect (in some ways similar to a tape deck with unsteady speed control) can be created on any signal by feeding a low frequency sine wave into the V.C. input.


    4 stages of approximately 180 degrees of shift each for a total shift of approximately 720 degrees. Line level input and output approximately ODB.

    visit the synthasystem subforum for more details

    < Roland 100m 121 'HOT ROD' VCF | Schematics | Oberheim SEM Type VCF >
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