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There is an IRC chat channel associated with Apart from chatting about the weather it is also used to coordinate radio streaming, and folks hang out there when there is a radio show going.

Web based client

You will need to be logged in into the forum for the web based chat to work.

The site implements web based chat through the Kiwi chat server by using, it will then try to log you in to the chat using your forum user name.

Standalone client

When you want to use a stand-alone chat client please use the following details to connect to our IRC channel:








Or connect directly trough irc:// when your browser supports IRC chat (or will start an IRC client).

Some of the clients used by our members are mIRC, ChatZilla (a Firefox plugin), Colloquy and HydraIRC.


There currently are two bots active in the chat for some more or less useful tasks. Some of the most useful commands are




to see what currently is on the radio


to see a short-form radio schedule


to see what is the next scheduled radio show and when it is

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