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Serge TKB Analogue Sequencer
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:21 pm    Post subject: Serge TKB Analogue Sequencer
Subject description: MInt condition, lightly used, fully functioning TKB !
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Hi, I'm selling one of my sequencers, the Serge TKB Touch Activated keypad 16 step analogue Sequencer. All ins and outs work as listed above. It also has the Quantizer cabling just in case you have one on your modular. All LEDS work perfect, and all touch sensitive keypads work perfectly , and evenly as well. Step CV control knobs all have a equal resistant precise feel. Very nice pots, none to loose or to tight. No major cosmetic issues or blemish's at all, please magnify photos and see for your self. This is a very powerful sequencer as I am sure you know and new they cost up to 3000$ if you can still get one. You will need a power supply preferably Serge and banana cords. I did a quick Video demonstrating that all the ins and outs are working. This unit is a great compliment if you already own a Serge unit or if your looking for a very unique Sequencer and want that true analogue feel. Very fast and intuitive way to work. This is a very expressive sequencer keeping with the organic analog nature of Serge Modulars. Make sure to check the Demo video (link below) for operation verification. And NO the modular in the last photo does not come with the sequencer ; ( . Also, know what your buying, if you do not know what this is don't buy it. That said, get your Modular on, with a TKB!
Handling fee goes towards packing supplies, very important, any money left over I refund buyer.


4- CV outs A, B, C, D one for each row.
One gate out per step, so 16 individual gate outputs.
Vertical Clock inpurt- with ABCD "CV" output. This is for a 64 step pattern,
KV- Touch trigger,
KP- Gate out
Pressure out- Touch sensitive CV output.
Keyboard Switch- to turn on or off keyboard.
Random Select
Forwar/Backwards switch.
Hold Input Trigger
Clock Input
Two cable snake outputs one is for power and the other is for the Serge Quantizer.

Demo Video of actual unit:


"Touch Keyboard Sequencer (TKB)
This little miracle is a 16 stage sequencer with 4 layers, five simultaneous outputs, sixteen capacitive touch-sensitive keys. It is a sequencer and performance keyboard rolled into one. A four-stage vertical sequencer steps through each of the four layers, allowing sequences up to 64 steps in length. The Reset input brings the sequence back to stage 1. A switch and trigger input allow the sequence to go forward or reverse, a hold input stops the sequence. A random select input randomly selects from the sixteen stages. Sequences can range from 2 to 16 steps, or multiples of 4 through 64 (8,12,16,20..) steps. The capacitive keys have a pressure output that produce a voltage proportional to the key area your finger covers. A separate KV output provides an equal-tempered voltage (16 equal steps) which is independent of the stage setting pots. A KEYBOARD switch lets you select each 4-layer stage with the keys or disconnect the key selection of the stages.

Pro: Extremely versatile. You can explore this sequencer for years and not exhaust what it's got. Can be clocked at audio rates. Easily chained to other (Serge) sequencers. The Pressure output is very nice, especially in conjunction with attenuators to make the pressure touch effects more subtle.

Wizardry: An advantage to external clocking is, you can experiment with clocking with waveforms that are not perfect pulses. The voltage range of each stage is around zero to 3.5v. When the pots are set to zero, they truly are at zero. The maxima are all different, however. Unlike some sequencers I've played with, there is no interstage interaction - turning a pot on one stage does not affect another stage.
Tweaks: The TKB design now uses bright amber LED's, which apparently are better than red ones in low-light applications. One of the Reset jacks was replaced with a toggle switch that sets forward/reverse sequencing in addition to the forward/reverse jack. The keypad material was also updated so it's more durable."

Review from Matrix Synth: "Serge TKB touch-activated Sequencer and Keyboard panel made by Sound Transform Systems, when they were located in Oakland, California. This is absolutely the most versatile control surface for your analog synths. It's an incredible piece of equipment that truly inspires creative manipulation of sound. And it's not just for Serge system owners! I used it with my MOTM-format modular system, my Sequential Circuits Pro-One, an EMS Synthi, to name a few. You can use it as a normal 4-bank sequencer, but it can do so much else... program your own scales with the knobs and play them with the keys; run a sequence and "play" the start point by tapping the positions; jack into the pressure out for dynamic CV from key playing (which you can use to control filter cutoffs, vco tunings, etc); or clock it in the audio realm for a custom-shaped waveforms and use as a VCO! This unit works as it should and is in good condition. It comes with the rack ears which can be removed, if desired."

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