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  News 3/Aug/03  
Dennis Haley and dreamSTATE CDs Available Here

Dennis Haley's Seven Seconds After
It is a pleasure to announce that we have two new CDs available at the electro-music.com online store. Dennis Haley's Seven Seconds After, and dreamSTATE's ambient disk Between Realities. Both CDs are in the electro-ambient style, but they are quite different.

Dennis Haley's first release for Neverwhere Records filled with wonderful space music textures and themes. This CD is a synth lovers delight with over 59 minutes of thick pads, delicate flutes and intricate rhythmns. This CD has four pieces.

According to the CD notes, the title track was composed during a period where communication seemed impossible, in some ways it had completely broken down. The dark mood that underscores this piece is a result of that communication breakdown. Many instruments came together to build this sonic landscape which opens with dual filter sweeps. Industrial noise was then sprinkled here and there. There is a fat bass, lush strings and flowing lead lines. The intricate motifs of this piece gives way to a contemplative section of string sounds and a sample & hold patch created on a ARP-2600. The finale utilizes strings to close on a sadly triumphant note. With this CD, Dennis creates his own style, and we look forward to future releases from him.

dreamSTATE's Between Realities
Between Realities is a pure ambient music CD by dreamSTATE, Canadian artists Scott McGregor Moore and Jamie Todd. We say "pure" ambient because there are no beats, melodies, grooves, dramatic gestures; just a continuous wash of beautiful relaxing soundscapes.

The interesting thing about this CD is that it was a live recording of a gallery presentation using the Calrec Soundfield microphone. This microphone is quite unique; capable of recording in 360 degrees for full surround using a technique called Ambisonics. We don't believe the Ambisonic technique was used for this CD, but instead a figure 8 pattern was employed; a good choice for a stereo recording.

We think Between Realities may go down as a classic ambient recording of this period.
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