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 News 27/Oct/09  

Sorry, we are no longer offering this software. For those who already purchased the AmbiophonicDSP we will still offer support, just PM mosc on this forum. Thanks for your support and understanding.

AmbiophonicDSP VST plugin by Robin Miller and Howard Moscovitz now on available at the electro-music.com store at an introductory price. Click here.

AmbiophonicDSP is a very powerful, yet very affordable, Effect VSTā„¢ (Stein (...more...)
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by Shane Morris

electro-music.com now has Regularly Scheduled Radio Programs!

Check Out the Schedule.

You dont have to wait for the next electro-music.com streaming event to have some fun. Several of us have been streaming music informally from computer to computer on the weekends. Just come into the chatroom anytime...people are usually streaming off and on all weekend long from Friday night to Sunday night.

Depending on your computer, you can stream to several people, play as long as you want, and have fun playing in an informal environment. There is much more freedom available to the player in this scenario. Whether you want to perform a 2 hour ambient piece, 30 minutes of noise, or just wanted to show off some new patches...come on in and experiment with us.

It's also a great way to practice your streaming as well...getting better familiarity with the software makes things much easier for streaming events in the future, without the stress on you and the engineers trying to figure out problems in time for a performance. :bangdesk:
It's hard enough to just pla (...more...)
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 News 17/May/07  

Exciting music from 16 of the outstanding performing artists appearing at electro-music 2007, June 1-3, in Philadelphia.

Buy it here!

This is the best electro-music sampler yet.

Music by: Mark Mahoney and Michael Peck, Howard Moscovitz, Kevin Kissinger, Mark Jenkins, Margaret Noble, Flourescent Grey, Johathan Block, Astrogenic Hallucinauting, Fringe Element, Warren Sirota, Lynn Bechtold, Brainstatik, The Reverend Mofo, Velva, Gemini, Roland Kuit and Matty Ross, and Kip Rosser. Some are among today's most respected electro-musicians, while some are relatively unknown. The electro-music 2007 Sampler crosses genres - avant garde, techno, classical, jazz, space, political...

This CD represents many of the undulating creativ (...more...)
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  News 22/Sep/04  
SPIZM - M.E.S.S. at LaTrazza - Philadelphia - Sep 21, 2004

SPIZ Rippin it in Philadelphia
David, aka GSGA, and I drove down to Philly on Tuesday, September 21, 2004, to catch SPIZM, and M.E.S.S. See the announcement here. I took a few photos. See them here.

SPIZM is a drum and bass group from Chicago consisting of David Marzalek, drum, and Pablo Pascoll, bass. David, aka SPIZ, is a member of electro-music.com. When he introduced himself on the forum, I checked out his web site and heard some amazing drumming. When I saw he was coming to play in Philly, I decided to make the gig. When I learned he was playing with M.E.S.S., also a member here, I was really charged. I recently met David, GSGA, here on the site too, only to find we live only about two miles apart. This was an electro-music.com nite.

Anyone who has hung around here for a while knows I'm not a big Drum 'N Bass fan. To me, it often seems very uninteresting, and often I find it boring. Well, listening to SPIZM has certainly changed my tune. These guys take DNB to a level I've never heard before.

Dave is a virtuoso drummer. He plays complex beats with incredible speed and precision. His beats are fascinating - patterns I used to think could be made only with complex drum and groove machines. I now know can be played beautiful on a modest acoustic trap set. On the unprocessed drums, these glitches, slips, and shuffles are glorious.

Pablo is a fine bass play - no surprise. He's equally at home on stand up as electric. He like to play very simple bass lines and wild convoluted avant garde explosions - at the same time. The result is interesting and fun.

Together Dave and Pablo dazzle their audience. We were carefully listen to every beat and note. I enjoyed their playing tremendously.

M.E.S.S. played his computer. He almost exclusively plays loops. Anyone who has hung around here for a while knows I'm not a big looper fan. To me, it often seems very uninteresting, and often I find it boring.

Well, listening to M.E.S.S. has opened me up to this form of electro-music. Akili is always, excuse the expression, messing with the loops so that things are always changing even though the basic construction is always the loop. He runs several simultaneously. The different loops have contrasting timbres and meters. The music transitions from section to section almost continuously. The sounds are pleasant in interesting. There is almost always a beat going on, but it's rarely overpowering.

SPIZM and M.E.S.S. played a small set where they jammed together. It was quite good, as you might expect. Dave played amazing complex rhythmic patterns the synchronized with M.E.S.S.'s loops. It was fab...

also played a set with a Sax player, a guest performer whose name I didn't get. Maybe someone can post his name in a reply post.

[Editor's note via PM from Spiz 23-sep-04:... the saxophone player is a chicago cat named Joe Grez, that plays tenor in my other project, Trioizm (which is also breakbeat/jungle oriented but more of a jazz feel...not so heavy as spizm, more fx on the electric bass as well). http://www.trioizm.com to get info and mp3's... ]

After the concert I realized that, thanks to SPIZM, I accept DNB as a classical music art form. With just acoustic drums and bass, it is as pure a musical expression as a string quartet. It's much louder though.
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 On-demand Audio  

Hong Waltzer generates the video art while Brainstatik opens for the electro-music chamber orchestra at Sarnoff Labs in Princeton, New Jersey
We are proud to preset on-demand streaming audio for the premiere performance of the electro-music chamber orchestra held at the Sarnoff Labs auditorium in Princeton, New Jersey on December 15, 2007.

Click to listen:

Set 1 (50:26) - Brainstatic

Set 2 (47:11) - experimental composition

From an unbiased review on the Sarnoff Library
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