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Audio Resources (electronic music, magazines)
Link Ambiophonic Sound Links: (This category/Sub-categories) (6)
Ambiophonic sound - an improvement over conventional stereo.
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Link Ambient Music Resources
  An anotated and regularly updated collection of links to the best global ambient/electronic/experimental megasites plus the Toronto ambient electronic scene. (Bookmark this page as your start-point for regular ambient music explorations.) 
[Hits: 2590]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu Aug 21, 2003 3:25 am]  [Poster: Scott M2]

Link Analog Cottage
  Welcome To The Homepage of André C. STORDEUR. A site dedicated to analog e-music production techniques and esoteric fiction stories.  
[Hits: 3948]  [Avg' Rating: 5]  [Last Edited: Thu Aug 21, 2003 3:25 am]  [Poster: elektro80]

Link Armada Electro
  An often updated directory of the most useful sites about making and recording electronic music : covering audio and midi softwares, recording gear, synthesizers, samplers, online distribution.. 
[Hits: 2427]  [Avg' Rating: 5]  [Added: Thu Sep 23, 2004 7:02 am]  [Poster: ww7]

Link Audio preservation and restoration links
  a short collection gathered by yours truly Very Happy 
[Hits: 3165]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Added: Sat Jun 11, 2005 1:15 pm]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs: A Guide for Librarians and Archivists
  Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs: A Guide for Librarians and Archivists. Copublished by Council on Library and Information Resources and National Institute of Standards and Technology. By Fred Byers, October 2003 
[Hits: 2634]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu May 06, 2004 7:49 am]  [Poster: mosc]

Link ChucK
  open-source, cross-platform audio programming language 
[Hits: 5022]  [Avg' Rating: 5]  [Added: Wed Aug 30, 2006 4:07 pm]  [Poster: ge]

Link Dancetech
  Welcome to Dancetech - one of the longest-standing sites on the www dedicated to home-studio music making - If you're new to Dancetech there's quite alot to discover. We offer FREE on-line space for you to add your music & create your own Homepage/mini-site in all genre's from dance to rock - Our forums are some of the oldest in this hobby field on the www, with around a 1/4 million posts to search thru!  
[Hits: 4307]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Added: Fri Jun 25, 2004 1:14 pm]  [Poster: seraph]

[Featured] Link Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990
  120 Years of Electronic Music (1870 - 1990) 
[Hits: 9347]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:28 pm]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Electronic Musician magazine
  The home of Electronic Musician magazine 
[Hits: 2905]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu Aug 21, 2003 3:27 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Harmony Central
  One of the best source of news in music software and hardware. 
[Hits: 2241]  [Avg' Rating: 5]  [Last Edited: Mon Jan 23, 2006 1:41 pm]  [Poster: seraph]

Link iBeat.org
  Audio resource with more than 500 free high quality wave files for download - indexed in tracks, loops and shots - go here to get sounds for your own productions. 
[Hits: 2755]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Added: Sat Jun 16, 2007 12:34 pm]  [Poster: TPeter]

Link Keyboard Magazine
  the web page of this famous magazine 
[Hits: 5016]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu Aug 21, 2003 5:26 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link miniorgan.com
  Mini Organ is the First Museum of Rare & Vintage Electronic Musical Toys. The Curator has a collection of over 100 exhibits with Audio Examples, Fine Photographs, and Incredible Box Art of these wonderous machines from the 70''s & 80''s. Here you will find Rare & Bizarre machines, such as the "Neucleonic Electronovox"!!! 
[Hits: 2189]  [Avg' Rating: 5]  [Added: Sat Apr 09, 2005 2:22 pm]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Modular synthesis workshops
  Modular synthesis workshops based on the Clavia G2 but interesting also for those that use other modulars as well. Author: Rob Hordijk. Great Stuff! 
[Hits: 2500]  [Avg' Rating: 5]  [Last Edited: Mon Dec 13, 2004 12:47 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Museum of Soviet synthesizers
  An amusing collection of vintage synthesizers, drum machines and assorted gizmos from U.S.S.R. 
[Hits: 3085]  [Avg' Rating: 5]  [Last Edited: Tue Feb 15, 2005 3:21 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Music Machines
  Welcome to music machines, home of musical electronica on the web. Music machines offers images, software, schematics, and lots of tips and comments from electronic musicians all over the Internet. Synthesizers, effects, drum machines, recording equipment -- anything people plug in, turn on, and turn up for music-making is welcome.  
[Hits: 2377]  [Avg' Rating: 3]  [Added: Sun Jan 18, 2004 2:52 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link OHM
  The Early Gurus of Electronic Music: a wonderful collection of electronic music 
[Hits: 2534]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu Aug 21, 2003 5:30 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Peff.com
  Welcome to Peff.com Audio Resources for electronic music  
[Hits: 3247]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu Aug 21, 2003 5:32 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Phonography
  Great site for fans of fieldrecordings. 
[Hits: 2533]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu Aug 21, 2003 5:32 am]  [Poster: elektro80]

Link PrePal IUMID
  Internet Used Musical Instruments Prices 
[Hits: 3065]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Added: Sat Aug 23, 2003 2:33 pm]  [Poster: seraph]

  Our big passion is synthesizers, and special old vintage synthesizers. Our machinery growing all the time and here you will find a lot of information, pictures, manuals, sounds, editors and more. Computer for music creation is also great - at least when they work properly. Here you can learn how to get your PC to work optimal for this purpose. We have also put together some of our best links. 
[Hits: 2425]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Added: Sun Jan 15, 2006 10:33 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Synth Zone
  Synth Zone is an attempt to ease the search for synthesizer & electronic music production resources on the Internet.  
[Hits: 1371]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu Aug 21, 2003 5:33 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Synthfool
  Gear Lust Galore!!!!!! 
[Hits: 1079]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu Aug 21, 2003 5:34 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Synthmuseum.com
  Your Vintage Synth Resource 
[Hits: 1126]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu Aug 21, 2003 5:34 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Theremin World
  ThereminWorld is the new name for the Theremin Home Page. The Theremin Home Page was created during the summer of 1995 as a source of information for people building their own theremins. Back then, Yahoo! hadn''''t even become a real company yet! Since then, the site has grown from a single page of grey-backed HTML to become on of the most comprehensive online resources for theremin-related information. 
[Hits: 6836]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu Jan 24, 2008 12:54 am]  [Poster: elektro80]

Link Thereminvox
  Thereminvox.com covers news and issues about the theremin and other theremin-related musical instruments. More in general, the goal of Thereminvox.com is to investigate the role of technology as a tool for expressive manifestations and the relations between art, technology and the human body. 
[Hits: 2442]  [Avg' Rating: 5]  [Added: Thu Jan 29, 2004 6:58 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link Vintage Synth Explorer
  Looking for a vintage synth? Look no further 
[Hits: 928]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Last Edited: Thu Aug 21, 2003 5:37 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link World Wide Pro Audio Directory
  World Wide Pro Audio Directory 
[Hits: 946]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Added: Fri Jun 24, 2005 2:27 am]  [Poster: seraph]

Link www.soundlantern.com - electronic music, free downlaods!
[Hits: 993]  [Avg' Rating: n/a]  [Added: Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:11 am]  [Poster: musiclover321]
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