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A sketch of a morse generator. This version is a neverend SOS message.
[see]Aug 11, 06onosendaiG2 Patches - ExperimentalMorse generator
Remake of Audiomulch "Harmonics" module. Play with fader to fade between harmonics
[see]Nov 11, 06onosendaiNord Modular G2 DiscussionReproduce Audiomulch modules ?
I've tried to make gating effect... but it's not really that This patch work with the demo.
[see]Nov 13, 07onosendaiNord Modular G2 DiscussionThe best way to make beautiful Goa/Trance gate effect ?
Bad Aphex retrigger effect
[see]Nov 20, 06onosendaiNord Modular G2 DiscussionAphex retrigger effect

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