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G2 Patch Archive Listing
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A dark noodle, needs time to develop. expanded g2 only, I am afraid
[see]Dec 6, 07General ElektrickG2 Performances - NoodlesSubmarine Warfare
[see]Jun 26, 04General ElektrickG2 Performances - CompletedRumble in the Jungle
Romantic tic.prf2
a quite one...
[see]Feb 10, 05General ElektrickG2 Performances - NoodlesRomantic Tic
fishy noodle soup
[see]Sep 30, 05General ElektrickG2 Performances - NoodlesRiesenkalmar
return of alien.prf2
Long noodle, Some of the DXRouter usage was developed by somebody on the list or the forum, I could not find out who again.. Very inspiring, thanks!
[see]Aug 27, 04General ElektrickG2 Performances - CompletedRetourn of alien
[see]Jun 29, 04General ElektrickG2 Performances - CompletedRauschen
kind of beauty3.prf2
c - general elektrick elektronauten@gmail.com
[see]Mar 31, 05General ElektrickG2 Performances - NoodlesKind of beauty
Space sound with tons of reverb
[see]Mar 4, 05General ElektrickNord Modular G2 DiscussionG2 Live in Berlin
Mr Fly 4-1.1.pch2
Mr. Fly- a double fly model 8 variations
[see]Feb 17, 05General ElektrickFXFly
Heavyly pimped bass sound - evil 8 varis some us the weel ....
[see]Aug 16, 05General ElektrickNord Modular G2 DiscussionDrum & Bass patches
Drowning in data.prf2
a long developing head movie sound track... c General Elektric - chris@netzradio.de
[see]Apr 19, 05General ElektrickG2 Performances - NoodlesDrowning in Data
another noodle, deep n dark...
[see]Sep 4, 04General ElektrickG2 Performances - CompletedDrahtzieher
Angry Robot2.1.pch2
[see]Jun 16, 07General ElektrickDronesAngry Robot
Ableton tr.1-16 aux 1-2 efx 16 freeextra.pch2
Ableton live 16 channel volume control, 16 channel mute controll, 16 channel 2 Aux sends, a little EFX control and 16 button, 16 knobs not predefined.
[see]Sep 4, 04General ElektrickExternal ControlAbleton Live Control
[see]Jun 20, 07General ElektrickG2 FAQAbleton Audio track switching up and down with the G2

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